Error Mifare cloning while using Proxmark3

I have encountering the error below while cloning and loading the binary file, what it means the wcpC1 error meaning ?

[usb] pm3 → hf mf cload -f C:\ProxSpace\pm3/hf-mf-546166F3-dump.bin
[+] Loaded 1024 bytes from binary file C:\ProxSpace\pm3/hf-mf-546166F3-dump.bin
[=] Copying to magic gen1a card
[=] .[#] wupC1 error
[!] Can’t set magic card block: 0

This probably means that either the card you’re trying to copy to isn’t a gen1a, which you can check with hf search or hf mf info

Or, you aren’t getting a good coupling between the PM3 and the card. Magic cards are particularly picky, try moving the card around on the PM3 and retrying the command. Personally I find I get the best results with gen1 cards about half-on/half-off the PM3

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Thanks alot for the response.
I have verified the coupling with hf tune, i am getting a good 7V connection.
Also hf mf info verifies its a gen1 card.
But i was trying to clone between gen1 magic cards to clone each other, not using any original hotel keys, it may be the reason why i cant clone, not sure :slight_smile:

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Firmware client mismatched? What’s your pm3 client start screen say?

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