ESP key + Wifi Range

Seeing as the info from an ESP key gets pinged to your phone, what happens when you go out of range? Say you put it on, leave the wifi range for X time, then come back. Will all the information come through at once, or do you have to stay in range in order to retrieve it?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this, but:

The memory on the ESPkey is persistent, if you leave the network and come back any captured credentials will be there waiting for you, you don’t have to stay connected to the network until someone comes by and badges in

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How much memory does it have?

8mb depending on model.

It doesn’t get wiped when you leave range since it is hosted on the espkeys Web server.

It’s also non-volatile (Except for the timestamps if I remember correctly), so the captured packets don’t get wiped on a power cycle either

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Awesome Thanks

Lastly - Once you have all the data from the ESP log - can you make a card using the add manually feature from the Flipper vs using a P3?
A lot of the info online regarding the esp key predates the release of the flipper.

The espkey just records the wiegand data. So you should be able to write a card with such data.

Picopass app will allow you to write to HID Generic HIDprox and it will write 37bit wiegand

So if you get blank writeable Iclass cards it should be able to write the fac code and hex data that you extract from the espkey.

This is all in theory i havent tested it. I have a ESPKey installed on a Proxpass reader but i dont have Iclass cards to test with it.

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