ESP32-C3 SuperMini help [solved]

Hello y’all,

I bought a few ESP32-C3 SuperMini in the hope to have them replace my ATTiny85 in my daily bag, but i cant figure out how to set them up …
They seam like a nice step up with USB-C, native serial, a few more IO than the ATTiny85 and quite a bit more power and memory …
BT and Wifi is a nice option too :grin:

But i cannot figure out how to set them up in the IDE.
I am using VSC/PlatformIO for most of my “arduino” coding (I like the folder/library management much better than the arduino IDE).
I tried a few different boards, but nothing end up loading anythign on the board …

Thanks in advance for any help you may have,

Have you tried using a USB-C to A cable? i know there are some issues with C - C cables and serial transmission

I go to USB-A on my PC.
The cable does carry data when testing with other devices so it should be ok … it does show up on the COM port …

Tried a few dev board, finally found one that seam to work :partying_face:
Haven’t tested wireless and serial yet, but the few I/O I tried are at the expected location :grin:

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Ok … after some more testing and messing with it I learned 2 things:

  1. VSC/PlatformIO prioritize the MCU in my macro pad … so as long as the macro pad is plugged in, I can’t load another board :sweat_smile:
    I may be able to manually set the com port VSC tries … more digging necessary on that front

  2. all ESP32-C3 are the exact same, wether it has the “PCB antenna”, case, no case or pin layout … the IC is the same and communicate the same way, over the same port, and use the same IDE settings
    (There is 1 exception, they have a special purpose ESP32-C3 with a few less pins, it’s clearly labeled on the chip)

I hope my tries and inexperience with codding helps the next person over :grin:


The boards look impressive. I might try them out!

the price/capability/size ratio is what attracted me to them …
At $3.40 a piece delivered, they are definitely taking the place of the digistump ive been carrying in my bag :yum:

i ordered some :slight_smile:

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what are some of the use cases of the supermini? i still have a few 8266’s i need to go through but i dont think im familiar with a digistump

the digistump is a dev board based on the ATTiny85:
I likes it for its size and price

The use case of the supermini is to be smaller than comparable boards with quite a bit of precessing power and built in BT and Wifi … its just a supped up 8266 with a few less ports :grin:

Interesting form factor. I like that because you could basically load it on a power brick and walk away. Maybe I’ll pick one up when I finish my last Wled install

I’m going to try my hand at getting my shitty clothes washer dryer set connected to home assistant.


I bought a few similar boards after seeing these.

They’re great for the price, one is already running WLED for me.

The downside is that they don’t have the ultra low power processor, and are missing things like the pulse counter.

I’ve ordered a few more as just in case bits.