Execute Proxmark commands without iceman client

Hi guys

Some Context:
I want to build a pocket sized tool with a raspberry pi and either PN532 and the libNFC or a Proxmark3. I want to be able to connect to the raspi via Bluetooth LE, but I figured this part out. The goal is to have a portable scanner/cloner/emulator for HF Tags.

Now to my Question:
Is there a way to execute commands on the Proxmark3 via Python, without using the Iceman client? So basically execute the available commands of iceman directly.

I found a Python binding for libNFC that works pretty well. A big bonus would be if i could clone LF tags as well.

Any help is appreciated.

You are describing exactly what the chameleontiny/chameleonmini was built to do however i have not been able to find stock of these anywhere recently

Depending on your goal it may be easier to run the commands using the client at the command line (or via python subprocess) in the form of

./pm3 -c “hf 14a info”

and parse the result.

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I see you are in Europe. I was going to suggest KSEC. BUT checked that they are OUT OF STOCK.

I’ll drop a @KaiCastledine here, and he may be able to update you on stock orders, delivery dates etc

KSEC is in the UK unfortunately. And since Brexit, shipping to mainland Europe is both very slow (it’s a mess out there) and expensive.

I think subprocess would work perfectly fine, thanks.

Yeah the cameleontiny/mini was in my mind too but

  1. im on an iphone 2. They are sold out as you said.
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In the UK actually
Saw KSECs website that they will be in stock next June, thats quite a backorder :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that’s still Europe…just not the EU :wink:

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: touché

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The chameleon units aren’t being manufactured until next year… we and other distributors/resellers are all in the same boat unfortunately.

Hopefully this will change but mid-2023 is the current estimated date provided from the manufacture.

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We’re seeing around 1-3 weeks with our free shipping but DHL express is within days for most placed :slight_smile:

I got some gear from Lab401.com, they are based in France

Hey @k4lin,

For sure you can do that, in fact it already exists and I was doing it today :slight_smile:

If you have a proxmark3 rdv4 with a blueshark module you can just use standalone mode.

The mode you would probably be after is HF14A_SNIFF.

if you don’t have an RDV4 or the blueshark module, you could always just pass the commands headless through python using a simple function like:

def hf_sniff():
os.system(pm3 -c ‘hf sniff’) #sniff HF NFC
os.system(pm3 -c ‘mem spiffs dump -s hf_14asniff.trace -d hf_14asniff.trace’) # dump trace to PC
except Exception as e:
print(f"[ ! ] Error: {e}")

and then to make it portable plug a raspberry pi zero into your proxmark, bluetooth tether it to your phone, SSH into the pi zero from your phone and run the script.

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Thank you after a bit of research i came to the same conclusion, but the project is on halt for the moment (again) because of personal reasons.