Existing knowledge vs usability

So I’m keen to dive into Biohacking and implants, but I’m curious about how limiting my lack of programming knowledge could prove?

I’m fairly tech savvy and happy to research stuff, I can solder a basic circuit board etc. but I have no programming knowledge. Are the chips pretty idiot proof on that side of things?

Hey @Dan_UK

You definitely don’t need any programming knowledge to set up the NFC chips. Most people use applications (like TagWriter or NFC Tools) that have all the commands you’ll need to add records (URL, text, image) pre-loaded. If you want to set up a custom application (like scanning to unlock your car door) you might want to be able to read Arduino code so you can tweak existing code written by other users. Understanding that is not difficult, and it’s only if you want to roll your own solution, rather than buying off the shelf.

For the low frequency chips, you might need to understand how the terminal or command line works to use a proxmark, but that’s not really coding. There are also of the shelf cloners that handle all that for you with the click of a button, but they’re unreliable because of tearing issues.


Thanks for the advice.

Want it for cloning work access cards and things like that so it’s fairly straight forwards to do that without any specific knowledge?