Experiences on big implants (flexMT, flexNExT, flexMN) on the back of the hand

Hey everyone, I’ve ordered a flexMN and I’m trying to get some info for my installer for back-of-the-hand placement. Now, I know that there has been an obvious problem with some of the flexNExT implants on the back of the hand and whatnot, and as a result, I wanted to get a sort of averaged opinion about the location itself. My main concern is just all of the delicate “wiring” in that location, as my hands are pretty lean and vascular, I wouldn’t want to nick anything important.

I have an old flexNT on the back of my other hand above the first metacarpal of my pinky, and have had no issues, even as it moves over the top of my pinky tendon (or whatever its called), however, I know that for a larger device, it is likely to be another story.

I just want to make sure that wherever I put the thing, it’ll be a place it can stay for a long time without complications, and from other’s accounts, it seems like devices of this size at this location can be a bit finicky. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions regarding this placement?

I can only put my humble opinion in here…

During installation? This should be no problem, as long as you go to someone who knows what he does. Implanting things on the back of the hand is not that unusual, the skin separates nicely, and like I said - as long as your installer is competent, damage during installation is very unlikely.

I may just be a bad example, dunno… but for me, the flexNExT was just a bit too big for my hand. The rim always stood out on the sides, it was pretty visible and obviously not adapting to the slightly curved shape of my hand. No idea if it would help to bend the implant a bit before installation, but at least for me, I always had a small edge with the inherent danger to catch on it.
If an implant is obviously (even just a little bit) too big, the danger of causing damage is alwas there, and that’s what possibly finally happened for me.

The other downside of placement on the hand is that the healing period is a bit longer, simply because you have a lot of movement there. Better plan some holiday when getting it done, and prepare for it being bitchy after you do something with your hand for quite a while :wink:


Hey mate,
I won’t be too much help unfortunately, but it’s been over 2 hours and you have had no replies, and I cant leave ya hanging. So I can at least offer you my opinion if you want it.

Have you considered your top of your wrist “Watch area”?

I had the same concerns as you Re: top of the hand, plus I also felt it took up too much real estate, and as for my wrist ( my original idea of placement ) unfortunately for me, I felt my wrist was slightly too small to accommodate without potential issues arising.

Ohhh, looks like @coma is replyng, and she will have a much better insight.

I’ll carry on anyway

I have a FlexMT and it is currently installed “Still in the packaging” , the performance is amazing, but I have decided for the time being I will need to look for smaller FlexDiscs or stick with Wedges, which I am happy are a good compromise for size and range for my purposes

Anyway, let’s go and read what @coma wrote…


I appreciate the feedback Coma. I didn’t consider the fact that the “edge” left by the size of the device could potentially catch on stuff. It’s a valid point, and one I’ve met a few times already with my smaller flex devices I have installed, so I can only image it would be more of an annoyance with a larger device. I am also considering placement on the dorsal side of my upper forearm, about 6 inches above the elbow. I have the real estate for it there, but I do worry that the muscles of the forearm in that area would distort the site in a way that would be hard for the implant to accommodate. Here are some pictures that show what I’m talking about.

Anything that I can’t do while healing my wife handles for me super well:P

You’re very kind, and I do appreciate it!

I definately would, but I’ve already got flex devices there on both arms, so no dice.

That’s fair. I definitely want this form factor so that I have something super high performance and that can fit a high/low emulator combo in it. I mentioned on my response to Coma an alternative site I’m considering, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

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In the last picture, I think the possible (!) problem is pretty visible - do you see how your muscle kinda distorts the smiley? So at least in that position, the flex would no longer be able to lay flat, and it won’t be able to follow the movement as well, so the skin would have to to stretch around the edges a bit. But I don’t know how often you keep your arm like that^^ Another thing to consider with that placement (realizing that while typing here…) - I often rest my arm on that spot, and I think until it’s fully healed, this might be pretty uncomfortable.

I’m not sure if the flexMN is more or less flexible than the flexNExT (I think it’s less flexible?), but if I would think about implanting something similar again, I would cut it out of really stiff cardboard and put it on the desired place - that way, you can clearly see how few flat surfaces a body has :wink:
I did it with a 5-cent-piece for my considerations of a flexEM, and I found no safe spot on my hand at all, and only a more-or-less safe one near the elbow, near the spot you’re thinking about as well.

That said - I am probably a bit too careful because of my body’s reactions, and you might have zero problems with installing it on your hand or arm. So I hope some others will share their opinions as well, for I know I am a bit biased :wink:

Lucky you! My beloved one usually jokes a bit on me if I am handicapped because of mods again… well, of course he helps me, but not without making a little bit of fun of me :wink: