Expire date on what?


So i bought some chips a few years ago and for some reason they have just been laying in some drawyer.

Now as they popped up again and i’m considering to get them implanted i see theres and expire date in 02/2025. Is this for the syringe or is it for the chips or what is it? I’m a little confused here.

For me it’s a bit waste to put them in if their “out of date” in under 2 years.

Hope someone can clear this out for me :slight_smile:

It’s the expiration of the sterilization process. You can get them sterilized again if that date passes.

Also, as long as the paper/film sterilization pouch hasn’t been handled excessively it should be fine.


Pretty much what @enginerd said

It’s kind of like how water in a water bottle has an expiration date

If you leave it out in the sun or in a extremely hot environment, the plastic can degrade after 3-5ish years

But if you left it somewhere appropriate and calm, it wouldn’t be a problem

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the important bits have already been said but just to clear up, the chip in the implants you have won’t expire. EEPROM can start to lose it’s data retention after 15+ years if left completely untouched but if it’s still on your shelf in 20 years maybe it wasn’t meant to be