Extended nfc range on phone, scan a flexNeXT through hand!

I think as long as the ring is overlapping the nfc antenna in the phone anywhere along the circumference of the original antenna is should work ok… more testing is needed of course, but I think it will be possible to avoid cameras.

The narrow coil shape is not likely to produce much improvement unfortunately, especially for x-series… this is because you need your x-series to cross the coil path perpendicularly and if it crosses both “sides” of a narrow coil I believe it will essentially cancel out the positive effects… but more testing is needed.

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Opened up my phone today to add a wireless charging board and played around with adding the mod inside the case, directly on the antenna. It works alright so I left it inside :man_shrugging:


Any progression on the stickers?
Also curious how this would fair with an iPhone since it’s kind of angled off the top of the phone

Dropped that ball sorry…

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All good, many irons in the fire I’m

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