Extended nfc range on phone, scan a flexNeXT through hand!

So I recently got my flexNeXT, not implanted yet, and I tried out the range with my phone (moto g pro). I got 3-3.5cm initially which wasn’t enough to scan it through my hand… :disappointed_relieved:

So I remembered a discussion here where amal expained that he used a coil over an implant to reshape the field and get a better range. But what if I moved the coil over the nfc antenna to “focus the beam” :joy: ?

Well I tried it and so far I’m getting satisfying results: the range got up to 4-4.5cm which is enough to get consistent reads through my hand!!! yay!

Also I had this idea that it might have not worked initially because the coils were not parallel… well that improved as well. It seems like the angle doesn’t matter as much anymore.

I still have to try other shapes and sizes but so far this is an easy mod that fits inside my phone case and allows me to shine wherever I am :star_struck:


Updated version, much thinner and works up to 5cm :grin:


Das tha resonant inductive coupling shit I was talking about as a stretch goal with the Power Bracelet @leumas95

You basically warp the field created by the reader through some other tuned coils in a daisy chain to extend the range dramatically.



how have you connected the copperwire?
i have a huawei p20pro and the range of reading my hand implant is really bad, so i have looked for a way to improve it.

Hi, it is a basic tank circuit tune close to 13.5MHz, the placement and shape is trial an error.

Works even better once implanted


Fuck yeah!

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Video. Please shoot a video.

Nice implant job. I’m looking forward to mine even more now :slight_smile:

There, can’t wait to see other colors…

Reeeeeeally great! Congrats! :+1:t2:

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That’s brilliant - literally :slight_smile:

Well done bubba. Now please keep us updated on the healing.

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Will do!

This extender is just a wire? Nothing special to it? Cause if it is just wire I am making one right now :slight_smile:

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Wire + capacitor. It’s a tank circuit tuned to NFC frequency :wink:


Definitely gonna do this one. My Pixel 3 doesn’t like to read my flexnext from far away, so this seems like a great little mod.

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What capacitor? Sorry for questions I know nearly nothing about NFC, but have 100 types of capacitors so xd

Use this calculator to determine what capacitor value to use. First you need to wind a little coil with magnet wire. You can use one of the air-core inductor calculators available online to determine a rough Inductance and wind to those specs, or you can buy an LCR meter to measure the Inductance directly. Once you know the Inductance, you can select an appropriate capacitor using that calculator I linked that will resonate at 13.56MHz.


i might talk to some inlay makers to see about getting special stickers made you just peel off and stick on stuff to “extend” the internal antennas


I was actually going to DM you to suggest the same idea “cheap and easy” enhancement.

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I reckon DT should start their own brand of cellphones, all equiped with a PM3 in lieu of the measly NFC reader found in ordinary cellphones.


I’m not sure the same size/shape would work for all smartphones but it’s worth a try

also: cameras, fingerprint sensors, speaker outputs might be an issue
Maybe try “strips” , long and narrow coil stickers (especially for x series)