F150 key fob ring/implant

Ok so I was looking into an implant. I couldn’t find any other threads about this. I have a 2018 f150 which is push to start and keyless entry. I was wondering if anyone knows if the truck would start if I had the rfid copied onto an implant or if it would only work for the keyless entry. And can you clone multiple things onto the implant like can I unlock like my house and my truck without having to reprogram? Also sorry if I sound like an idiot I am new to this forum. Also not sure if I should have this as a project or support

You implant is not directly compatible with the keyless entry. Unlike the case of Tesla where they actually use an RFID card as a key, I am not aware of any other auto maker that does this, at least in the US. Typical Key fobs use RF in the 315 or 900 mhz range. (don’t quote me on that)

There are ways to augment your existing keyless entry to use your implant. If you search for post by my you will find my project where I did it on my camaro.

Unlike traditional keys where every lock has a unique key, RFID is typically utilized the other way around. You have one key and you program the locks to accept that key. So as long as you have locks that use the same technology, for instance by front door and my garage door are programmed for the same implant, you can use one key. The key to that statement is “same technology”. You will learn that there are lots of types of RFID chips and they typically are not interoperable. So some planning is required.


not at all, There maybe a couple of options for you, but there will be a few questions for you.
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