Failed implant Removal

yeh ik a ‘biohazard’ wtf im mad lol i was thinking about it today actually

They probably had already figured out that your parents were the complaining type and that you’re the one least likely to call and chew someone out haha.

But yeah… I have a tooth on my desk that I had to have pulled and that’s not even weird compared to some of the things I’ve seen.

This was the biggest concern to alleviate with family members about getting the implant. They just don’t understand that these implants have a lower infection risk than piercings do, so they were freaking out that I got one. I did a self install with help, but I am a phlebotomist trained in aspetic procedures and actually have had hundreds of my blood draws cultured for bacteria with zero contaminations(blood cultures for potentially septic patients, if there’s external contamination from the blood draw, Micro knows , let’s you know, and keeps track of how many contaminations there has been.) It’s been a week now zero issues. The NExT implant is healing great. People just need to settle down sometimes and understand that infection risk, with the right training and understanding, can be very easily minimized


The biggest issue with comprehension by the general public has to do with what actually causes infection and why. People seem to think that you could get a biocompatible device implanted and then like 6 years later somehow the device causes an infection.

This is the same kind of misunderstanding or lack of comprehension surrounding ionizing radiation. You can have radioactive material, that material can irradiate something with ionizing radiation in the form of gamma rays or x-rays, but that object which was irradiated does not somehow suddenly become radioactive itself or become “contaminated with radiation”. But I find myself constantly having to explain that to people.

Generally speaking, these people aren’t stupid they just don’t have knowledge. On top of that, people have lost the ability to think critically about things they do not have an education about. They don’t have the tools to deduce truths or logically break down problems so that they may be understood without an educator directly instructing them on the correct answer.


Critical thinking unfortunately is a muscle you must continue to use and develop or it becomes useless. One of the reasons I retained most of the knowledge I learned in an electronics class in high school; is because most of the learning was exploratory learning with lecture only being used to teach history. Everything else was as hands on as possible. It required you to problem solve and think through small issues instead of someone spoon feeding you the answers. The internet has become a bit of a place to be spoon fed to now. Allowing individuals learn only a partial answer and substituting it for a full one, only to have to be corrected by a somewhat of an expert in the subject they were malinformed on.