Failed Insertion, Need Sanitation Options for Re-Insertion

I went to a professional to insert the chip, but they failed to get through the proper depth of the fascia tissue, leading the needle un-sterile and the chip not inserted. What can I do to re-sterilize the chip to bring it to another professional for insertion? The chip in question is an xSIID.

Go to another professional but make sure that they have an autoclave.

Those chips can be sterilized and reimplanted with the needle and taper method.

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EDIT: sorry @enginerd , I started composing this whist I was walking, I stopped then came back to it, I missed that you had already replied.

Oh well, here is my reply below

You have a few options to you

This is for a flex, but im certain Amal could do your xSIID

the Faster and cheaper would be, go to a piercer and ask them to autoclave it for you, then install it. (do not autoclave the needle assembly)

If you can source some chlorohex, you can do a soak, alternatively and more likely some 70% IPA and soak in either for at least 48 hours, and agitate occasionally.

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indeed you are

I replied via our ticket system as well, but my suggestion is to go see Pineapple from our partner map;

He can also autoclave your xSIID and place it with a piercing needle.

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The problem with visiting Pineapple about this issue is that they are located about 800 km away from my location; I know, Texas is a very large state.

He travels to Dallas every month if that’s any closer to you VS Austin

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I have heard nothing but awesome reviews of him, so if thats an option, DO THAT


Another vote for Pineapple, I visited Pineapple for my flex install and loved the experience! Pineapple is amazing!