Failed to Install

I just tried to install the v2 diametric zG3 Injectable Biomagnet. I installed it in the space between my thumb and first finger. But I can’t even detect the magnet is there!

I’m wondering if my needle was even loaded with the magnet. I tried the green magnet detector sheet and it doesn’t even find the biomagnet. I’ve tried putting a heavy magnet against my hand and nothing happens there either.

Could anyone tell me what is going wrong please?

is it possible it is still loaded in the syringe?

The syringe should have a orange stopper oin the plunger, sometimes people forget to remove that stopper when installing. that may have been the case.

No the magnet went in. I bought a stack of magnets at the hardware store and they can pull on the implant slightly. I want to try again. Is there a way to get a replacement kit at maybe a lower cost?

So it may be implanted deep. i would honestly avoid playing with it while it heals, the Xg3 is a big magnet and causes a lot of trauma. I know with mine i was very quickly able to feel the microwave when it was on. let it settle a bit (2-3 weeks) before trying to stick things to it.

Let it heal, next time get a trained installer to do the job - this way you can get good placement.


I think I did implant it too deep. Is there anything I can do?

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Wait for it to heal. As you move your hand it will settle naturally. Removal will be no different now vs 2 weeks from now(probably better to wait for healing before attempting removal anyways) best to just wait and hope that it will get better as swelling goes down

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So its healing and lifting other magnets now.


Yep just initial install trauma. Welcome to the magnet club!!!