Faster Than Amazon!? Dangerous Things :logo_dt_circle: (*****)

I don’t know what the workers at DT are eating, but I want some!

I just ordered a xg3 v2 implantable magnet (Titan was out of my budget). The order qualified for free shipping, so of course I took the deal there too, expecting I would have to wait a little longer for my shipment to arrive.

To my disbelief, the order was shipped and in my mailbox in 1 day. No shipping speed could have been faster to the area I live! Amazon shipments usually take 2 days at the very least!

I am very impressed and would give 5 stars to DT on anything I could! (If someone could tell me where that would be helpful)

Here is a couple pictures that should prove my story and give some details about how it got to my house so fast:


We actually use our buddy ant man to go into the quantum realm and send us orders in advance of you clicking buy :wink:


So you going to talk to your boy about shrinking some Duracell’s for implant stuff?


Amal shipped it before he turned the dial to make you order it in the first place.

@AbbottSmith , Great Review, although I moved your post from reviews to the Lounge
and included a @mdanger so she doesn’t miss out on the praise she deserves from all of us every day



Thank you very much! I apologize for the inconvenience.

I knew there was something fishy! My wallet didn’t get the chance to think twice before it was at my door! :wink:

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No problem and Not at all

Great Review!

I give :star::star::star::star::star: of :star::star::star::star::star: Stars for this review!
would definitely read it again.


KSEC’s shipping is great too! My order was dispatched the same day

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