'Father of the cell phone' says we'll have devices embedded under our skin


I mean, some of us already have electronics under our skin and want to get more implants. But some of the points of that article sound like science fiction.


Everything was science-fiction at a point, until it became reality.

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I agree with the sentiment, but I think he was mostly talking out if his ass not keeping up with current technology, because your body is not a perfect charger. It’s actually really hard to harvest any substantial amount of energy from the body without seriously disrupting biological processes. Even glucose fuel cells and the like generate millions of times less power than a phone requires.

I guess if you had direct neural stimulation of the cochlea you could do phone calls with a small power budget, but you’d need to work out a reliable microphone. A display that goes directly to your eye would be another order of magnitude of complexity and power requirements.

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Bethany puts a phone in her hand | Years And Years Episode 2 - YouTube

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