Feel kinda silly asking 😅

So I’m a broke college student, but I’ve been obsessing over these DT products for a while now after I saw their NeXT chip and the G3 in action via a video online. I managed to throw some money together to capitalize on the NFC/LED chip sale, but I’d really like to snag a G3 v2 as that’s what initially got me interested. I noticed a coupon section at checkout and was just wondering if there were any coupons available to the general public, or if that’s just for like promotional things/maybe used for when they’re replacing items for customers? Being a nerd and being in college put a strain on the bank acct lol

Those of us who got in on the first Titan batch got year long coupons. I don’t know of any others, but that’s no indication that they don’t exist.

Your best bet is to watch the product announcements category in case a sale does pop up.


It’s not very likely that a coupon is gonna come up that’s not a general sale or part of a specific product promo. But depending on what you want to do with it, I can vouch for the v1. I used it for tacking screws onto my hand from laptops, etc, and it worked fine.

I’m about to replace it after removing it for an MRI, and add a second one. So consider picking up that one while it’s cheap, and maybe coming back for the v2 later.

If you just know you want it for a specific reason, then maybe put the v1 in a different location, and you can put the v2 where you want it down the road.

PS - while not worth waiting for this very moment, you could consider holding out til Black Friday/Cyber Monday. DT runs some really good sales. I know I’m putting aside for a very nice purchase this year.


Thanks for the answers guys! I was more so interested in the lifting capabilities so I def wanna go for the v2. Looks like I’ll have to just pull the trigger and enjoy some ramen for the next two weeks :joy::joy::joy: living that college life to its fullest haha


Go fund me?
Maybe I’ll start an onlyfans to get me money to support my addiction. Anyone out there interested in watching a fat bald white dude playing with tranformers in his underwear?


Hahahahahaha that would be a hard gofundme to sell. “Hi, so, I’m a nerd who is currently broke and going to school. I want to fulfill my childhood dream of being part robot. Plz help “ :joy::joy::joy::joy:

People may dislike this response, but yes. It would be hard to sell that. But do that or get a job and save money. It’s also best to sit on things before investing into something you’re not fictionally able to. Also Onlyfans is fairly popular now. I personally don’t use it, but a lot of people do.

I think you did pretty well, if you are referring to this

Like @ncc74656 mentioned , the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale has some really good deals, I AM SPECULATING HERE, but I dont think you could get the xSIID cheaper even during Black Friday/Cyber Monday than you recently did.
Now is the time to pick up an xSIID if you are even just thinking about it.
So well done, as a conciencious and broke student I think you bought at the right time


Hahaha I was obviously kidding about the gofundme :joy: just having a laugh about it. I don’t like handouts. But coupons are great lol

Yup! That’s the sale I was referring to! I got a blue one :grin: I’m excited!


nah, it think it was just a joke to surpass @LordSethos2000 and his Transformers…

I’m not quite sure if he is going to be wearing underwear whilst playing with transformers
if he has transformers in his underwear
if transformer is a euphemism


How do I find out if it is a euphemism? :thinking:

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Transformers as a euphemism leaves the most to imagination. Great marketing on their part.

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For only (checks shopping cart) 426USD you could be educated…

Or split that cost and have a viewing party!!

Brilliant. NOW we’re thinkin.

Why do you have transformers in your underwear?

No, on second thoughts don’t answer that.



Also available for your viewing “pleasure” - a six foot man eating chicken.

This post took an amazing turn. I paid full price for my G3 and my post got completely hijacked, but I couldn’t be happier :joy::joy::joy:


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