Fidesmo apps on wearables

Do all wearables that support fidesmo pay support fidesmo apps? Specifically I’m thinking about PGP smart card support. I’m hoping to get the capabilities of the apex flex in a ring format

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Thanks, that’s useful to know about - is there anything that’s currently commercially available?

any update on the apex ring? Now that apex flex is almost available.

The rings are working and functional even for payment but we have some logistics issues to deal with before we can really launch it.


Any way to get just the chip and antenna?
I’d love to put in into my watchband …

Why not both?

  • Get APEX Ring
  • Use it as security loop

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Problem = Solved

I was more thinking slipping it in between the layers of something like this:

I m not much of having jewelry on …

Edit/addition: would be cool to be able to “glue” it to the outside … Adding a electro look to leather …

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Yeah, I picked up what you were throwing down, it was pretty much a throw away tongue in cheek comment

Actually, yeah, you could make it quite cool by stitching it, And with the right “thread” and colours, it could look, awesome and complement the watch well :watch:

A sewing awl would do a great job

Nice, I think I read something about that in another thread that shipping to europe is an issue?
If you need a test subject for it, I am available. Living in Belgium :innocent:

Ok, now I want to give it a go … Who do I need to pester to get a few antennas to give it a go? :grin: