Figuring out NFC bike lock


Hey guys,

So I ordered the egeetouch padlock from this post here:

Here is the product’s amazon page:

Combined with a simple chain I already have, I’m going to use this as a bike lock via my xNT implant in my left hand. The lock works with the nfc tags it comes with, now just need help on how to use my xNT as a key.

I use NFC Tools Pro to manage my implant, and am able to scan / read / write the tags that came with the lock. Using the copy tag function, I scan the egeetouch tag, and then scan my hand to paste. Unfortunately, I get a “write error!” message.

Does anyone know the solution?


You can’t copy tags to the xNT. The UID is fixed and can’t be changed.

What you’ll need to do is to add the UID of your xNT to the lock, and not the other way around. I’m not sure how you add new tags to that specific lock, but the link you provided says “Multiple Fobs can be used to unlock one lock and easily set them using the App”, so you’ll probably need to look into the app made for the lock.


@jhurley14 by any chance, did you try adding your xNT to the lock? If so, did that work out for you?

I’d love to be able to lock several things with such a lock but really hope it’s compatible with my xNT.


I’ve also found significant variances in antenna performance with eGee products… so it may just not be coupling :confused: