Figuring out NFC bike lock

Hey guys,

So I ordered the egeetouch padlock from this post here:

Here is the product’s amazon page:

Combined with a simple chain I already have, I’m going to use this as a bike lock via my xNT implant in my left hand. The lock works with the nfc tags it comes with, now just need help on how to use my xNT as a key.

I use NFC Tools Pro to manage my implant, and am able to scan / read / write the tags that came with the lock. Using the copy tag function, I scan the egeetouch tag, and then scan my hand to paste. Unfortunately, I get a “write error!” message.

Does anyone know the solution?

You can’t copy tags to the xNT. The UID is fixed and can’t be changed.

What you’ll need to do is to add the UID of your xNT to the lock, and not the other way around. I’m not sure how you add new tags to that specific lock, but the link you provided says “Multiple Fobs can be used to unlock one lock and easily set them using the App”, so you’ll probably need to look into the app made for the lock.

@jhurley14 by any chance, did you try adding your xNT to the lock? If so, did that work out for you?

I’d love to be able to lock several things with such a lock but really hope it’s compatible with my xNT.

I’ve also found significant variances in antenna performance with eGee products… so it may just not be coupling :confused:

I am also trying to use my XNT with an egee padlock… not sure if it’s going to work. The padlock app allows you to add new tags with seemingly somewhat arbitrary IDs… but there are only 4 characters available to type the ID into the app. The XNT has a 7 byte UID… so I’m thinking the padlock might only work with 4 byte UIDs. I’m not sure if there’s a way for me to translate some or all of my UID into something that I can enter as 4 characters… translating to ascii creates pretty odd characters…

Figured this out by scanning a factory tag. It ships with 7 byte uid tags, but only uses bytes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the uid to pair.

So I entered in those bytes from my xnt, and I think it should work, but I think I’m having read issues as @amal mentioned. Even using the xled it’s really quite hard to get it to flash. Maybe with some fresh batteries it’ll work… Seems like a better padlock is needed.

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Same findings. Fully changed battery. I suspect they have a very low powered reader (to conserve battery) with weak signal/short range.

Regarding the bytes from the fob I got with the lock: In my case it uses 2 bytes (that’s 4 hex digits, so I suspect that’s what you mean) and when scanning the fob with my phone, those correspond to the second and third byte of the fob’s ID.

I wonder however if putting in the 2 bytes in the app is enough. It’s possible that those 2 bytes map to a full length ID in eGeeTouch’s server side database, and you’re expected to by extra fobs from the manufacturer. I doubt it, but it’s possible. (You can order additional eGeeTouch fobs on amazon.) The manual is… brief.

What puzzles me right now is that I tried registering the second+third UID key from an ordinary NFC plastic card, and the lock wouldn’t work with it. Either 1) It’s not as simple as registering second+third UID bytes, or 2) the signal is weak enough even for a non-implant regular plastic card fob.

I note that the fob I got with the lock is a Mifare Ultralight. Does this matter? How much does this increase the probability that a Mifare Classic/xNT (not being Ultralight) is never going to work?

I’ll post more info when I’ve done some more testing. My next step is to try registering more fobs.