File Storage Capability

I’m new to this forum but wanted to know if these rings or implants have the ability to store files such as crypto keys in addition to these other awesome capabilities?

File storage size varies, but most implants* and all the rings can easily store a number seed phrases easily.
The most common size would be 1KB for implants and rings
There are some 8KB implant options
there are also larger options 16, 32, maybe even a 64??? in the FlexSecure ???
But in reality, your best option would be in the form of implants.

In my opinion, This narrows you choices down to 2

Those will be determined by your knowlege
The FlexSecure
or ApexFlex

They are basically identical, ( Same P71 chip) but brief differences:

FlexSecure - Untethered, needs some programming knowledge to setup / use
ApexFlex - Tethered to Fidesmo, but this means it is more Plug and play.

On them, to finally answer your crypto question, you can easily store the Pharses as I mentioned, but also, have a look at

There are applets for Satochip for the ApexFlex

I am only guessing, but these SHOULD??? be able to be manually deployed to the FlexSecure

@StarGate01 may be able to confirm

In the meantime, check out The FlexSecure Git

and this thread may answer some more questions

Correct. You can find precompiled applet binaries at Releases · DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets · GitHub .

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Something else to be aware of is the flexsecure has more available space than the apex. This is because the apex includes a financial payment app preinstalled, however, it is currently unsupported and there is no timeline for support. If raw space is important that’s something to keep in mind.


Interesting. Is this currently dormant app included because it wouldn’t be possible to load it after installation?

Most likely, financial institutions are really anal about their payment security. I doubt they’d let any company distribute it directly to customers

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Correct it must be loaded into the chip during manufacturing of the silicon basically.