Finally did my self install. Went perfectly. Info I wish had been available to me

So my background is that I have Wilderness EMT training (though the cert has expired.) I know sterile procedures. I do a shot every week on my self. I was pretty confident I could do it safely.

Install went perfect. There’s a few bits of info I had looked for but couldn’t find and can now put down for the next person.

Numbing Cream- lidocaine doesn’t work well on me typically. The additional -Caine meant it went swimmingly and worked great. Scrubbed the area, put it on, plastic wrapped it and let it sit 50 minutes. No problem. So if you have connective tissue issues, don’t rule that out.

One handed install- easy enough. The large needle is lightweight on the plunger end so if you need to reposition your active hand there’s no worry. It is easily held in place by skin.

Click - the click means the little white internal pusher is all the way at the end and the implant has been left behind. I briefly looked at it and thought that was the implant. Took like one second to sort it out but it was just a dumb moment of worry.

Clean up- the needle part twists off so it can be dumped in with your other sharps easily.i figured it did but it’s nice to know because you can’t see it until you open the kit fully.

Now to let this heal and see what I ultimately do with it. :smiley:




LOL, cant even get that where I am. I just made sure I ate food before and left some time for it to digest and get my energy up for when the adrenaline started to subside.

This turned out to be an excellent call and I always recommend people do the same.

I thought the EXACT same thing when I retracted the injector. :joy:
I stopped for a moment trying to figure out how I would go about sorting it before I realised it was the the injector itself and not the implant.


Oof. I’m really sorry. It was a dream with the cream (New band name?). But I imagine not super fun without. I think I was motivated enough I would have done it regardless but Im glad I didnt have to.

I made the dumb decision of doing it while standing because I just didn’t think. Sitting down may have been better.

Topical Lidocaine is available otc here in like six thousand different brands. It just rarely does anything for me. The tetracaine apparently makes all the difference.

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I’ve self-installed two chips now, both times I’ve used ice and it works like a charm. Just hold directly on the planned injection site for 10-15 minutes before hand and you get a good few minutes of numbing effect. Make sure to disinfect the area thoroughly with the alcohol wipe after taking the ice of though, as a residential ice maker isn’t always the most sterile.




I’m not sure you mentioned, but what implant did you go for?

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Ope. I did the Green xSIID as my first one. I also have xEM I plan to do at a later date.


Do you have a specific use for it?

Where are you putting it?

Personally I would reccomend a NExT Implant over an xEM on its own. ( Although, tests have shown the xEM performs SLIGHTLY better that the NExT LF side )
Put the xEM next to (≥5mm) your xSIID
If you are even slightly considering another HF implant “at some stage”, Plan accordingly and leave a space for it in the future ( Or get another HF now and install them at the same time )

Just some thoughts from somebody has done a few removals and relocating from not planning far enough ahead

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Very nice indeed good set of instructions and I absolutely recommend the food stuff as well. I find having a glass of apple juice or some sort of fruit juice right before helps.

I am at 14 implants [from 16 installs…] All self installed. And I rarely use numbing.
I find once I can trick my brain into poking it through. We both agree, my brain and I, that this is fine.

Welcome aboard! Get ready for a life of fun, fashion, fantasy, and freaking the norms !


Wow. I am impressed! That is seriously uber cool!

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I don’t have a specific use. I really like experimenting. I have a lot of eventual end goals mostly related to home automation/etc but I don’t have a house yet, though. So I’m working off a couple different phones I have. Going to put it through the ringer reprogramming it and testing different feats with Tasker.

Knowing the kind of person I am, if I go into with a specific purpose I’ll find something better two months later and want to do that instead. So I just try to get a good plan for placement and growth. Things I’ll use more are going more central. Things I’ll use less on the outside if I need to remove and relocate something so be it.

Only thing I want for sure is a credit card one on my outer right hand. That’s the only reserved spot. I otherwise have 6 total locations for different installs that I think will be easy enough to scan from most orientations. I’m pretty excited to see what I come up with.

So that will be your xSIID :blinky_green:

Real-estate is precious! Why build a single storey house on a small plot of land when you can build a double storey and double your floor area?
Why put in a single implant, where you could achieve the same and more with a 2in1 implant, doubling the usability in the same space.

Yes the cost is more, but if you get a NExT, * the postage is free

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Anyone reading this, don’t count on this. It can fall out if it isn’t in far enough.

Not saying it didn’t work for you @WildTrick, just don’t want others to PLAN on it staying.

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That’s fair. I only had to reposition once it was 80% the way plunged and the last 20% was feeling awkward.


Also, welcome.

One of us!