Finally getting my apex installed, how bad is a lack of lube?

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve been active on the forums so forgive me if I’ve missed some posts where this was asked already. I’ve got some catching up to do…

I bought an apex flex back when they first went up for preorder and unfortunately have been waiting on my installer to get around to installing it until this month. I realized thought that it now comes with needle lube and my package did not originally include any. If anyone has any experience I’m wondering how much of a difference the lube makes and if I should aquire some.

Besides the question, I’m quite excited to finally get it in since I’ve already got several uses lined up.
I’ve bought a Tesla since I order the apex,
My dorm floor has upgraded some of our custom access control system to nfc (desfire but since I have access to enroll my own card I’m hopeful the apex can do it unless I misunderstood something long ago,
My college, RIT, is finally switching to nfc (we think desfire ev2) too and I’m hoping I can convince someone to let me just reach over the counter with my apex to enroll it. Not holding my breath but we will see.
Add to that all the fancy auth stuff it can do and I’m quite excited.

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Lube makes everything better

I wouldn’t say it’s critical, but it will make it a “smoother” process of sliding thru and around under your skin

If your installer is a professional I’d be suprised if they don’t have a stash themselves… my installer it wasn’t even a question he had it ready to go


My installer is my dad who is a head athletic trainer and did my NeXt a while ago. I’ll ask and if he doesn’t have some I’ll bet one of his coworkers does as we plan to get one of his physician/doctor coworkers to supervise like last time.

Good to know it’s not that critical though if we don’t have any, or more realistically i forget to mention it…

You could always ask around your local piercing shops… it’s all the same stuff

I’d bet one of the has the individual packets, could probably buy a couple off them… and strike up a conversation about implant installs

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That sounds like a good idea, thanks! I’ll ask around

If you reply to your order confirmation email and ask for lube, mention this thread and we will send you some lube in the mail :slight_smile:


Welcome back

Yes you do

You could probably use the Best post thread as a highlight reel

If you can, use lube, it will make it easier on you, and more importantly, your installer

“Hey Dad, Do you have a stash of LUBE ?” :sweat_drops:


Medical and piercing yes, but don’t go putting some unsterile sex lube on your needle… that stuff is not the same :slight_smile: basically just make sure the stuff you’re using is sterile and not general purpose lube.

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Hey you brought sex into this :upside_down_face::joy:

Damn. I knew I was a dumbass but I didn’t realize I was this blind.

I went to double check one last time before anyone sends me some lube and turns out since I only handled it briefly because, ya know, sterile and stuff and I wanted to be careful with the bag containing it… I never actually turned it around… I saw there was nothing in the bottom of the box and it wasn’t on top of the implant but I never checked…

Stuck to the bottom of it…

Welp what a way to hop back into the community.


I think making a follow up post, and admitting to the mistake being yours, makes your return even better.
It shows the colour of your character.

You could have just sat back and kept your mouth shut.

You have my respect


Oh yeah, we glue that the lube to the poly bag so it doesn’t just slog around in the box… maybe we shouldn’t?


You should put a big speaker that yells “THE LUBE IS GLUED ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BAG” when someone opens the box, i think it’s the only reasonable solution


I don’t think it’s that big a deal, I’m probably just a dumbass. Either way I probably would have found it when we went to install

Unless this is a recurring thing then maybe it is…

I was surprised to find the packet of lube when I pulled out my (uninstalled) Flex to to add an app the other day.

I think I’ll leave it as a little surprise for people :slight_smile: