Finally got my order

Thanks for your answers. I am taking vitamins and waiting then.

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It is throbbing definitely but I can really forget about it sometimes as it is really weak.
Then when I touch it harder or sth by mistake, the pain becomes much stronger very fast. It’s like a really sharp jump in sensitivity and is wears out in few seconds.

Ok, so finally after some delay, I’ve tried low frequency side of NExT and my locks work perfectly :grin:
Now I just have to wait and see if everything is ok with xG3 and I am installing other ones.


Great news.
It sounds very much like we thought and your reading is improving as the swelling goes down.
Is the pain / discomfort subsiding?

Yes, it’s better, still not ideal, but I am more optimistic now. Thanks for support.

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Just a moment ago, probably thanks to different color lights in bus, I’ve noticed very small yellow discoloration around the both implants.

I am not sure if it’s even visible on the photo.

Is it anything I should be worried about?
It’s probably just still healing, but I bet you’ve already realised that I am anxious xd
There is no additional pain or anything strange that appeared now.
xG3 still hurts tho.

I currently have the same yellowing around my Spark 2 implant which I installed 1/1/20. I belive this is just your body breaking down haemoglobin, so essentially just a healing bruise. I never had this with my xNT but I think I that install whent smoother as I used my right (dominat )had unlike the spark which i installed using my left. I have much experience with tattooing piercings and body mods including 7 transdermal implants some of which I installed myself. I wouldn’t be too worried but keep an eye on it none the less. Any inflammation or abnormal heat would be of concern. As a precaution I’m taking penicillin as I always do after a mod just incase

That’s my current yellowing, Spark 2 is under the dodgy ohm tattoo (I let my partner loose with my tattoo machine and that what the result :man_facepalming:the things we do for love)


Yep… bruising. :slight_smile:

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First result on Google (5 seconds to type and search
“Brusing Yellow”

However, thanks for the learnings, I would have never learnt about Biliverdin and Bilirubin without your question



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You see,

you are welcome :grin:

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I had a vivo key put in by a professional. Along with 2 other implants on the other hand. All at the same time. Looks like he did great on the 2 in the left hand but the vivo key spark2 is almost at the entry wound. If you touch the wound it’s just about right there. Were talking a mill maybe or less from the entry point… anything I can do to push it further in?

Idk why are you asking here, but I don’t thing that is necessary, unless it’s in uncomfortable position now. It may be harder to read but when fully healed it’ll be the same.

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Unless it’s actually pushing out of the wound then just leave it alone. It is natural for them to migrate towards the entry point. Keep it clean, and covered, don’t mess with it so it can settle in properly and encapsulate.

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As @Midoriya and @turbo2ltr said, it will be fine if you leave it where its .
If it is causing you issues or if you REALLY want to move it deeper, the sooner after the implantation the better as your body will be repairing itself.
If I was trying to achieve what you are asking, I would be, wriggling, pushing, manipulating the Spark2 further into the entry tunnel. This may be difficult depending on how much collagen/repair has built up.
once you get it to where you want it, Amal has suggested using toothpicks or similar to make a corral of sorts.

The prenatal vitamins are for collagen production, to help lock it down.

HERE is a link to a “toothpick” search, with other people in a similar situation.

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Thank for the answer. Sorry for asking on this thread but I thought the topic was in the same area… very sorry if I upset anyone.

it was @Midoriya 's thread in the first place and he derailed it himself pretty early on,
and you added in
it follows some logic, just not the topic title.
I dont think he will mind, PLUS he was the first one to answer your question. so I wouldnt stress.
At least you didn’t start a new one for something that has already been asked and answered many times

It’s ok, I’m glad I could help.

NExT everything is perfect
xG3 I can feel pain only when I apply direct pressure and it’s still nothing compared to pain earlier. Very rarely I fell any discomfort.

Probably will do install of other 2 today.

Awesome news.
I hope they go well :vulcan_salute:

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I still haven’t done them. I had no time I could try this weekend.
But today I have a problem.
Suddenly when I was coming back home my LF side of NExT just didn’t work, in the morning everything was ok. HF is working good too.
I just checked now, after like 5h and its still the case.
I have noticed that since like 2 days it was working a bit worse, but now it’s no longer detected… even by the scanner/reader/writer.
@amal @Pilgrimsmaster
How is that even possible… :cold_sweat:

Is you Lf reader at your work or home?

Do you have a xEM Access Controller?

Have you tried your xField detector or RFID diagnostic card on the reader you are having problems with. Is the LED still bright or dim.

Do you have a Proxmark?

Have you tried access card on same system?

Sorry for the questions, just trying to narrow down where the fault is.