Finally got my order

Yeah so I finally got my lifestyle bundle.
Package was waiting over 2 weeks at customs…

After hearing the prices I have decided to do self install or get help from someone I know.

I have PMK. Is there anything other than hands desinfection, waiting for PMK to work and clean surface that I must remember?

I know how and where to do the implant installation.

In MY opinion you shouldn’t need a PMK, especially if you dont want to wait.
I guess it depends on how you are with pain though…
imagine a bee sting, giving blood, an ear piercing, a single dot of a tattoo :black_circle: :wink:
ie. Just a quick pinch and it’s over.

Otherwise you sound all prepped, just use appropriate aseptic procedures and you will be fine.

Again MY opinion, but truly, a cut, scrape graze or prick out in the real world in everyday life is more likely to cause an infection. and how often does that happen?
In saying that, dont go stabbing your sterile syringe into :poodle: :poop: before you stab yourself :syringe:
What I’m trying to say is, just use some common sense don’t over think it and you will be fine.
It’s not rocket surgery :rocket: :man_health_worker::hospital:

I know this will be a very unpopular comment, but again that’s just MY opinion

Dont forget
post install procedures.
dispose of Needle and blood products appropriately.
Pre-natal vitamins
Standard hygiene practices.

Good luck


Just playing the other side of the coin for a minute.

I personally would wait and get it done right by a pro the first time. It virtually eliminates any risk of infection or wonky implant angle. The guy I got to do it for me had done it on hundreds of other people.

I understand that some people don’t have access to a qualified piercer or medical professional, which is why I’m all for spreading this information on self-implantation. Better to have an educated guess than go in blind, but I highly recommend you go to a pro later if you have the means to. Save up that dough for a couple months. It’ll still be sterile by the time you can afford it. Impatience is a bad reason to do a self-implant in my opinion.

Like I said I am not paying more than cost of the implant for getting it done. Unfortunately those are the costs here and we have just 1 installation partner.

I could afford it, but it’s just a steal to pay this much in my opinion.

Maybe those are standard prices, but for me it’s no.

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So today I (with a helper) did my left hand: NExT and xG3. I can already get an NFC signal from NExT, currently only from the top and I couldn’t resist trying out xG3 by a single staple, it of course worked.
xG3 was a little more painful, probably because of placement and skin was harder to penetrate there and I am not sure by I may hit a very little blood vessel there. It seems to be no problem with it though and I just felt a delicate burning sensation at the entry point for like and 1,5 hours.

I will be able to test LF in a few hours or tomorrow.

As for the installation process, it went without much trouble, I’ll post some photos at the end of the weekend.

My last concerns are:
I am not sure if I will be able to get a signal from the bottom of my hand as it would be much more comfortable if our residential area’s scanners are strong enough :woozy_face:
And if my placement of xG3 will be ok, but you and I will see it later, probably as the photos will come up.


Great stuff and glad it went well.
It’s Probably unlikely you will get a palm-side read but good luck. :shamrock:
You have probably seen people using their implants with a bit of contortion, :pinching_hand: :twisted_rightwards_arrows: but you will quickly work out the best way to have reliable, reproducible and repeatable RFID reader results rather than random reader rejections :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did you try your palm side read

When and where are you doing your xM1 and Spark 2?

be aware, the xM1 is 3mm, and apparently you can really feel the extra 1mm :wink:

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Probably next week, I am waiting for this to heal to be sure I’ve done everything correctly.

I don’t think I am getting palm side read sadly.

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Ok, so I have more questions.
How would it feel if implant was under or just over a blood vessel?
Can anyone explain the feeling of new implant under the skin in tighter place than standard one?

Ok, I am gonna ask something different as I have thought about it. Please forget about all this blood vessel thing.
If I am sometimes feeling pain, not strong and only sometimes, but still, caused by, I assume pressure on muscle, will it go away? Is it something I should be worried about or my hand just needs to get used to it?

And here are the photos:

  1. NExT
  2. xG3
    As you can see xG3 is now at slightly diffrent angle and the problem with this muscle pain is at the tip near the injection.

Honestly I am so nervous :grimacing:
What do you think @Pilgrimsmaster?

There’s no redness. You should definitely expect some pain in the area for like 2 weeks after implantation. It might look fine on the surface, but there’s still a bunch of healing going on beneath. Is it like sharp shooting pains? If there’s no redness, and it’s just a dull throbbing pain, you should be fine.


Sorry for the delay, and yeah, I agree with @Satur9.
Its probably just brusing / swelling and will go down in due course.
I don’t think your

It will settle down and you shouldn’t even notice it.
Try not to play with it
Keep it clean
Take the pre natal vitamins and give it time to heal.

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Thanks for your answers. I am taking vitamins and waiting then.

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It is throbbing definitely but I can really forget about it sometimes as it is really weak.
Then when I touch it harder or sth by mistake, the pain becomes much stronger very fast. It’s like a really sharp jump in sensitivity and is wears out in few seconds.

Ok, so finally after some delay, I’ve tried low frequency side of NExT and my locks work perfectly :grin:
Now I just have to wait and see if everything is ok with xG3 and I am installing other ones.


Great news.
It sounds very much like we thought and your reading is improving as the swelling goes down.
Is the pain / discomfort subsiding?

Yes, it’s better, still not ideal, but I am more optimistic now. Thanks for support.

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Just a moment ago, probably thanks to different color lights in bus, I’ve noticed very small yellow discoloration around the both implants.

I am not sure if it’s even visible on the photo.

Is it anything I should be worried about?
It’s probably just still healing, but I bet you’ve already realised that I am anxious xd
There is no additional pain or anything strange that appeared now.
xG3 still hurts tho.

I currently have the same yellowing around my Spark 2 implant which I installed 1/1/20. I belive this is just your body breaking down haemoglobin, so essentially just a healing bruise. I never had this with my xNT but I think I that install whent smoother as I used my right (dominat )had unlike the spark which i installed using my left. I have much experience with tattooing piercings and body mods including 7 transdermal implants some of which I installed myself. I wouldn’t be too worried but keep an eye on it none the less. Any inflammation or abnormal heat would be of concern. As a precaution I’m taking penicillin as I always do after a mod just incase

That’s my current yellowing, Spark 2 is under the dodgy ohm tattoo (I let my partner loose with my tattoo machine and that what the result :man_facepalming:the things we do for love)