Finally got my proxmark need help with AWID clone (SOLVED)

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I’m glad you got it working :+1:

What surface is your proxmark on when you are tuning?

I am GUESSING you have an easy

Not an RDV4

If so I think your problem is you are running RDV4 setup on your Easy

Try this (there is a variation or two you could try, but this way should work)

notepad Makefile.platform


You will want to swap the # to the top line to comment it out and remove it from the bottom line to enable.


Save and close

make clean && make all




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its working now. i have reinstall every thing and i changed the platform. its working properly now . thank you

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The clone commands all follow the same basic format

lf <card type> clone <parameters>

Parameters vary depending on the card type you are trying to clone. The card type will be given by the lf search. you can get the parameters from lf <card type> clone help


Ok thank you

Hey i have one question Which type of fobs should i have to clone fobs for LF and HF. Currently i have LF T5577 fob is there any other fobs for LF to buy? Please recommend me Rewritable fobs for LF and HF.

T5577 cover a huge percentage of what you will ever need to emulate.

I wouldn’t worry about looking for any others until you come across another.
Maybe if you REALLY want something else LF, you could get a HiTag

Regarding HF, you have a few more options

What I would actually suggest if you are interested in having a good arsenal of test cards, get yourself a
Test card pack

and if you can stretch yourself to it, also grab a
magic card pack

That should cover ALMOST all eventualities

Thanks i understand for LF but. I want only fobs for HF not cards. Please recommend only fobs(not card ) for HF

I understand because they are small, but cards fit in your wallet.
They are also easy to store, label and organise.

Those packs I linked to are great because you don’t have to go finding them all, but if you only want fobs

The easier ones to find would be
Mifare Classic 1k gen1a

You might also want to search for
Mifare Classic 1k gen2

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If what you are really interested in is an HF fob that can emulate many other HF chips then surely the answer is the Chameleon Tiny Pro

Sure you don’t need a Proxmark with it, but, you asked.

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So if i clone HF Fob do i also have to change UID as original fob have or it is ok if i dont chanege UID

That depends on what you are trying to do.

If you can’t enroll it, then you will have to change the NUID So you will need something with that capability.

The most common is a Mifare Classic 1k
often it is just the NUID that needs to be changed, other times you will need to copy the stored data also.