Finally got my proxmark need help with AWID clone (SOLVED)

Hey guys I’ve got proxmark 3. Please help me how to clone or duplicate LF fobs.

We can certainly try, but we will need more details.

Is your Proxmark setup correctly?

What is the card you are trying to clone?

What are you trying to write to?

The more information you can give us from the start the faster we can help you…


Check the videos at the bottom of the proxmark3 product page… lots of how-to vids there


I have AWID fob which is LF and i want to duplicate with rewritable fob. But i dont know the commands

And i also cant copy or past any text on that UI
And the rewitable fob that i have is T5577.

First thing to do is make sure the antennas are working… With nothing on the Proxmark3 and it not sitting on a metal surface type

hw tune

You should see some output about both antennas being ok.

Now you want to see what the current chip is.

Put it on the LF antenna (that is the circle of wire under plastic) and type

lf search

It should come back with a chip type and some information about it (a UID, or a set of numbers including an FC and a CN.

Once you have that type you can type

lf <type> help

You are probably looking for a command like

lf <type> clone

You should be able to then add help to the end of that command to get the exact syntax. You should then be able to put your T5577 on the lf antenna and run that command with the parameters you got from the lf search.

I would suggest then doing another lf search to check your T5577 was properly written.

It search the key found his id now when i wrote lf clone the other menu comes up

you can paste by right clicking (not ctrl+v) :slight_smile:

Yea i got it but. I read from my fob and write it on a blank rewritable fob T5577 it write successfully but still the new fob not working my apartment reader not picking up that new fob ? Any solution

So you have an em410x you might try following this guide

Command is not working

Which command?

Does the proxmark return the same ID when you read the T5577 after you wrote to it?


Can you answer this :arrow_double_up: ?

The scan that resulted in this ID 00000BBF45

was that from this? ( My guess)


Or this?

If you
lf search
The AWID fob, the information it returns, you should be able to fill one of these out and write to a test T5577 card

    lf awid clone [-h] --fmt <dec> --fc <dec> --cn <dec> [--q5] [--em]

    -h, --help                     This help
    --fmt <dec>                    format length 26|34|37|50
    --fc <dec>                     8|16bit value facility code
    --cn <dec>                     16|32-bit value card number
    --q5                           optional - specify writing to Q5/T5555 tag
    --em                           optional - specify writing to EM4305/4469 tag

    lf awid clone --fmt 26 --fc 123 --cn 1337
    lf awid clone --fmt 50 --fc 2001 --cn 13371337
    lf awid clone --q5 --fmt 26 --fc 123 --cn 1337        -> encode for Q5/T5555 tag
    lf awid clone --em --fmt 26 --fc 123 --cn 1337        -> encode for EM4305/4469

Can you share the results after you have done an

lf search

of the AWID clone.

If this is getting too hard, or frustrating, There is another option

I don’t often recommend the Blue cloner ( DT out of stock I believe, and unlikely to restock )
BUT if this is a “one off copy /clone” AND you have a Proxmark3 to remove the password at a later date, You might be a viable candidate for a Blue Cloner.

There are many on the market, MOST without AWID functionality, so you want to make sure your one specifies it has AWID.

If you go down that path and want to write to an xSeries ( xEM or NExT) you might want to also consider a simple modification to the Cloner.

You shouldn’t need instructions on how to use it, but here is a video of a Blue Cloner in use including Reading and writing AWID.

In the future if you want to change your AWID written implant to something the Blue Cloner cant handle, then to remove the password, refer to this “guide”.

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I have installed proxspace its v3.10 when i check antenna with hw tune and its shows LF antenna ok but HF is UNUSABLE

Any solution

Hey guys i have read AWID fob on my proxmark 3 it shows like this.

So my question is how can i clone this ? Thanks.

lf awid clone --fmt 50 --fc 4000 --cn 1223410

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Thank you soo much bro. Finally its clone and fob is working perfectly. But do i have to put different command for different fob if yes then what are the different commands.

And one more question i tried to check my proxmark 3 antenna with hw tune command and it showed LF antenna OK but HF antenna is UNUSABLE . Any solution ?