Finally Part of the club!

After a lot of deliberation and waiting, I’ve finally joined the club!
Went all in at got all three implants from the bundle installed. VivoKey in the left, xLED and NExT in the right.

Massive Shout out to Joeltron from Opal hearts in Western Australia for the fantastic work.




Didn’t know he was doing much… but then again, xSeries are just piercings. Any clue if he’s up for more involved installs?

Unsure really, its something you’d have to chat to him about. Seems pretty involved in the biohacking space though, has many transponders installed as well.

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That’s a commitment! 5-6hr flight Brisbane to Perth :airplane: and Back again…

@fraggersparks received an install by a doctor/ surgeon, (?~AUD$1000?) and if you take into account the flights to Perth, Accommodation, time etc…it might be an option for you

It’s only 3-4 hours to NZ, all of our everything is open everywhere…except our border, so, maybe not just yet, but SOON ™ :wink:


Wellllllll - got any installer recommendations for more involved work? Not just flexes, also interested in subdermal silicone. That’s something I doubt the surgeon would do.

Seriously considering it as an option for installing a Titan in fingertip - but also considering waiting for second batch, buying another and putting one in palm side P0. If that’s not good enough for sensing, I might then get the surgeon to do a fingertip install.

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I don’t, however when the border re-opens , and if you are serious, I can definitely do the research for you.

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Thanks, when borders reopen and flight costs return to close to pre-covid prices, I’ll almost certainly get back to you!

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One of us 1

Welcome @FuriousFlex
We won’t judge you for being a little bit crazy…How do I know that?
I have been to Perth a few times
Last Time I was there, it was for 6 weeks.
I have a good mate living there.
February is the hottest month of the year!

Why the fuck are you wearing jeans??? :sun_with_face:


Again, don’t worry, A little bit of crazy fits in well here!

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Hahaha thanks!

Good question, I usually feel pretty comfortable in jeans to the point I don’t really consider how hot it is. But you’ve got to be a tad crazy to get this shit done anyway so it works in my favour.

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I tried to get him to do my payment chip. It was a no last year - something to do with the whole industry being spooked.

I’m glad to see a growing presence in Australia!
I’m in a similar boat to @DonFire trying to find an installer for my titan.

I’m hoping that with more involvment we’ll be able to find more willing installers closer to home.

There was that lawsuit earlier last year that spooked a lot of the piercers. I think if you did a couple of small procedures and built up a trust relationship with them they’d be more inclined to do something more involved.

Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why I asked :joy:

Good idea, but a little hard when you live in another state :man_shrugging: