Finally truly key-free

I finally received the last of the NFC door handles I needed to install at my workplace to go fully key-free. That last particular door that I still needed a key to open twice daily is the bike shed. Not anymore. In fact, I’ve turned over my company key this morning.

The only drawback was the bill: 420.65 euros for a door handle to a bike shed… Ouch. Also, come to think of it, I realize I have a shitload of my own money installed on someone else’s doors :slight_smile: Better not think about that…

Now I can concentrate on going card-free. All I need for that is a payment implant (that’s for after I’m convinced others have a positive experience with the Walletmor implant) and a transit implant (with any luck, if it’s convertible).


Those door handles have a review yet? :wink:

If you care to move the thread whose link I posted above to the reviews section and stick 5 stars in the title, that’ll be your review :slight_smile:

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They really missed an opportunity there…