Find xMagic with proxmark

Hey ,
I may be a little early, but I recently installed a xMagic Dual Chip in my hand. Now I’m testing every day if I can find the 2 chips. I can find the 125k chip with a cheap Icopy but not with the Proxmark3 easy.The 13Mhz is not found. Not with the Proxmark nor with the icopy. But if I use hf tune I can get the same voltage as when I place a card. Can I expect that I can find the 13 MHz in a few weeks? Maybe I am doing something wrong ? Maybe someone can give me a few tips how I can find the chips?

When was it installed? Many people have to wait a couple of weeks before they get consistently reliable reads.

hf 14a reader -@

will set off a constant read polling for 14a uids, you can use this and the bottom of the proxmark to find your implant.

once you’ve found it i’d recommend leaving it alone if it’s been installed any time in the past week. give it a week or so to calm down as it wouldn’t be of much use to you at the moment anyway.

with the low frequency side do not write to it with the cheap icopy (unless you’re cool with the consequences). it will set a password that is tricky to remove.


Can’t find it with this command, but thanks.
I guess it’s just too early I got it on March 28th. I just thought if I can see it with hf tune I can find it too. No I just press read and never write with the I copy but thank you I did it know that.

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