Finding someone to implant in Los Angles?


I see the sale today and am very interested in finally getting started with this hacking. My company uses proxy ii cards, which I haven’t check for encryption but should be a nice bonus if they are unencrypted and I can copy it over. But I’m struggling to find someone to do it. On the map, there is 1 gentleman in Hollywood, but it doesn’t look like his usual business is piercings. I’d like to find someone with experience but every time I search I can’t seem to filter out all the “chipped” news articles. Just wanted to check with people here to see if they know of someone? Or if my best option is to start calling up vets and body pierces. I know they’re qualified, but like with most things I’d it to be done by someone who’s done the procedure before, and not be a first timer.


Hi KickerLegend,

Let me see if I can’t get a recommendation from Amal for you.

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Hi KickerLegend,

Amal indicated that he’s careful with recommendations, but wanted me to share this with you:

He indicated this guide helps put you in the driver’s seat in choosing the right professional and one you feel comfortable with.

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@KickerLegend I went to Ancient Adornments and had a great experience! Rodger has done it many times, and I stopped by when he wasn’t there and while the other workers knew how to do it, they had me wait for Rodger because he knows what he is doing. He’s also removed a few of them. Very clean facility, too.


Thanks for the insight @twiwtley that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.


The place @twiwtley mentioned is in the partner map.