Finding uses for xEM

Hello all,

right about a year ago, I got my xSIID and my xEM installed. I love my xSIID for the NFC, but quite literally have not used my xEM once besides basic PM3 scanning and whatnot. Any ideas for what to use it for? I’m a college student that moves back in in about a month, thinking of buying a cheap Aliexpress lock that operates on 125 for my personal belongings. Just something to give it use, I don’t really have any reason to remove it, but I would like to start using it for something.


Buy a XACv2 and build rfid into something?

That was my very first use case

Retro fit my large mechanical gun safe into rfid

If your better with software or coding than me, maybe make some kind of automation gizmo

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RDM6300 is a great EM4100 capable reader that talks over serial. I use them to put a reader in basically all my projects. I use my xEM to unlock, lock, and pop the trunk on my car, as well as log into my computer.