Finger magnet implant moving pen?

I’ve looked at the magnet post but can’t see what I’m looking for. I can see people spinning objects using a finger insert magnet but not moving a pen away from you then back again. Can anyone do this.

Just think it would be a cool thing to do so wondering if any magicians have used magnets in this way and have a video

You can’t flip the polarity of a magnet at will. So it’s either going to be north or south, not swappable.

Some magicians do use implanted members but not really in this way.

no i figured if the pen was metal it would just follow the magnet so if you had your finger pointing down above the pen then moved it backwards and forwards the pen would roll to follow the magnet? like George does in the movie phenomenon

how do magicians use magnet inserts?

i actually just think it would be cool in meetings as i’m in a fucking boring industry that loves a meeting and figured it would be something to do in meetings without explaining to anyone how.

Magicians never tell their secrets :wink:

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But… Google Does.


great movie

My comment…not helpful

anyway good luck with your implant/project/ experiment/fidget toy

You could easily do that with the right type of pen, but you’ll have to carefully select one that has a steel body and no clip to stop the rotation.

But you could flip your titan. (Tho it will flip itself back if you try to push stuff away too hard)

All of that doesn’t impact this discussion because a steel pen will be attracted to a negative or positive polarity magnet. You can’t push anything but another permanent magnet, and even that’s only to the extent that it flips.

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Pretty sure there are magnet pens out there though… or ones with magnets at the top for sticking to steel backers and things in your shop.

In any case though it would be a very hard trick to pull off elegantly even with the best most perfect magnet setup. Definitely try though… and post your progress!

I’ll perhaps try this with a magnet stuck to my finger to start with. It’s annoying as I’ve seen this done but cannot find a clip of it to show you guys


good plan :slight_smile: