Finger Magnet Installation: Numbness

Just a super quick question - it’s only been since this past Saturday since I had my Titan installed, and it was done by a professional recommended local installer, but since then there’s been numbness and that “tingly” feeling like you get when your leg goes to sleep in that finger.

I am assuming it’s all pretty normal and will be fine, there’s no pain or apparent infection, it’s healing very well. Just curious and settling my admittedly curious mind, and wondering if this is normal. Thanks!

Since there are tons of nerves in the finger, it’s very possible that some of them got damaged during installation - that’s not as bad as it sounds, but it can lead to a numb feeling that can last for quite some time. I had spots that remained numb for weeks or even months with my larger implants, and I had a nasty tingly feeling for weeks after the install of an xSeries… so I guess it’s all okay.

Like I said, this is a guess - if your implant site starts to go red, or hot, or swollen or anything else that shouts “not good”, re-visit your installer :wink:


Thanks so much! Good to know.

And yeah, well aware of the infection considerations but not usually prone to them, and very careful about them.

Some of the tingly and numbness should go away with the swelling. At least it did for me.


Great, thanks much! :slight_smile: I can’t wait til I can pop the stitches. Pretty sure I already can. (Insert Wolverine’s “I’ve always been a quick healer.”) But I’ll give it through at least tomorrow to be super safe.