Finger pretty discoloured after xg3 implant

I got a xg3 implanted on the side of my ringfinger (stupid decision i know but wanted to do it so bad) last wednesday (about a week ago).

As you can see on the picture my finger is still pretty discoloured. It doesn’t hurt or anything (except if i apply pressure upon the magnet).
I also have normal feeling on the finger. Its just pretty discoloured.

Is this still normal healing or should i be concerned?

Thanks in advance

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it doesn’t appear to be rejecting as the wound looks good, closing well. slight discolouration is quite normal for implants put in regular spots because the implant is pushing against the skin making it visible.

if it feels fine to you, i would just keep an eye on it as time goes by, over the next week(s) if it changes significantly you may want to remove it but as it stands this actually looks quite alright for a fingertip x-series install which is not something many of us have been able to successfully pull off

TLDR: keep an eye on it but it looks ok as of right now


Congrats! That’s a difficult spot for an xG3, a v2 I assume?:mechanical_arm:
It looks ok to me. Given how long finger magnets take to settle this one will take a while. Just don’t play with it. In my experience surface strength is a good indicator of encapsulation. You can measure it with your phone’s magnetometer and I would be curious to see it over time.
Also we have very similar fingers. For a second I thought that was my hand on the first photo :exploding_head:


that’s normal, it’ll return to a normal color in a few weeks max

since it’s so close to the surface it may appear more white with blue spots

this is my xG3 v1 and it’s about 4 months old

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These spots of white are where the implant is pushing pretty hard against the tissue and making it difficult for blood to flow there. This is a problem if;

  • it is constant
  • there is not enough blood flow
  • your body does not “make room” for the implant

… then there is a risk that this tissue could die (necrotize) and that would result in the magnet coming out. Basically the finger is probably slightly too small for this placement. Hopefully though your finger and tissue will grow to accommodate it and there won’t be any problem. Only time will tell. For now, don’t press on it or put any undue pressure on the surrounding tissue.


it’s actually still a v1. My supplier still has them in stock and I just heard about the problems with them after I bought it but before I got it implanted. But I wanted to get the sensing superpower so I took the risk.

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Thank you very much. Will do that ^^
But normally my body takes stuff like this pretty well so i think he’ll accomodate for it.
I’ll have an eye on it

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But in general: Thank you all for your help and fast answers <3

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finger install crew!

Risky install but congrats.

You’re in for a ride for the next 3 months as it heals. my finger install has healed longer and more differently than any other implant. I had the same discolorationa s you for about 2 months. As it encapsulates and grows tissue around the implant i started noticing what felt like small “chunks” that would push the implant one way or another which made me feel like the end broke off. very difficult to explain and hard to describe so if you feel it dont worry as i felt it too.