Finnish implantees, raise your hand

Suomalaiset, tarvitsen apuanne!

Following this recent development, THL (Terveyden ja Hyvinvoinnin Laitos) is asking how many implantees are in Finland.

So, raise your hand if you live in Finland and you have an implant. Let’s make this happen!

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At least @Henkka22 and @shadowtux are in Finland. I don’t know if Henkka22 is an implantee though

:wave: going to check on that todays development on that forum post little bit later but this would be awesome to use implant to check the vaccination status.

Okay so between you, Henkka22, Lassi, another guy I know and me, that’s 5 implantees in Finland I’m sure of. But Lassi just told me he’s done between 50 and 150 installations. And then there are other installers in Finland surely, and self-installs. So there’s definitely a lot of “sleepers” here vs actively vocal implantees.

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Plus some people that have gotten them installed in Stockholm, Sweden some time ago.