Fireproof data storage recommendations

Hello y’all,

I’m looking at some solidstate storage options that hold up to (house) fire.
Water/dust proof is easy, waterproof case/USB are now reliable and common. But the heat is the problem …

I know class 150 is recommended for electric and 125 for floppy disk, and average response time is around 10-11 minutes in urban areas (in the US).
A small fire-rated safe is an option, but I’m wondering if there is anything a bit more “portable”.

Again, physical and electric security is the easy part, but the heat is what concern me.


I’m not sure they exist…. House fires can get to 1500 degrees… and last for protracted periods of time

Even gun safes that are “fire rated” usually aren’t up the task

The 1200-1400 for 30-45 ish minutes, isn’t at a “good” temperature. I believe the standard that is how long for paper to burn…. Plastics will probably warp or melt long before the rated time

Paper is going to be heartier than solid state storage methods most likely

How much data do you need to store?

Have you consideerd a Fireproof bag ( Money / document )
And keep that inside a fireproof safe for extra protection from fire and a layer of security?

Something like this for example

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Document safe aren’t going to cut it … Gets way too hot.
Document are good in class 350F (doesn’t exceed 350 inside for the duration of the cert, then hold up to a 3 story drop on rubble) electronic needs 150, and floppy a bit lower at 125.

I don’t need a lot, a few gig at the most, but I don’t want it on cloud service …

Might end up keeping a copy off site,the likelihood of both locations getting a total loss at the same time would be pretty low … but it’s one more thing to do when updating it.

I haven’t, and didn’t thought of doubling up :sweat_smile:
I’ll look into it, thanks


Big point here… response ≠ reduction of temperature

Firefighters main job is keeping it from spreading…

It will probably be on fire for 20-30 minutes

Are you planning on using the data often, or mostly just letting it sit?

Absolutely :+1:

The class I mentioned are UL
Inside temp is 350, 150 & 125
And time are 30min, 1h, 2h and 3to4h

Then they drop it from the third story to mimic a building collapse.

Less than 30 minutes is useless.

Also, higher temp goes in the attic/hier floor and basement rarely get above 1.5K/2K, but get crush and water damage …

Get a data safe. They are fire safes that have a chemical inside that reacts to heat and activates, keeping the inside of the safe cool for up to 30.mins. The trouble though is that often times they activate at a low temp like 120F which can happen in a hot location or when exposed to direct sunlight, and once the chem is activated it’s one time use only… then a real fire comes along and burns your data to a crisp.

Honestly… consider making multiple backups using stone discs… special optical discs with stone or ceramic construction… something like M-Disc I think… anyway it’s supposed to last 1000 years or something.

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If it’s a house I assume there’s an outside, how about a burried pirate chest in the backyard? But then you have to make the treasure map fireproof… :thinking::joy:


I have some M-discs laying around, might go that route, but I’m leaning more and more towards an off-site backup. The likelihood of total destruction at both sites at the same times is so unlikely it would probably not matter anymore :sweat_smile: