First Flex & lidocaine question

Hey y’all, just got a flexDF2 installed and I’m stoked to use it. It’s pretty swollen but despite that the read range is just plain amazing, or at least compared to the x series.

I took video of the whole thing so maybe I’ll post that later too.

The only concern I have is that it’s been 4-5 hours since lidocaine injection and I still haven’t fully regained feeling back. I can feel my fingers running over it but I can’t really tell sharp objects picking at it. The installer said it would take 2 hours for me to regain sensation so I’m a bit concerned. Does anyone have experience with that?

I’m stoked to hear that.
What do you have planned for the DF2

We would all be interested.

I think you are still within the ball-park.
Where was the install location?
Do you know what the dosage was?

You know… I didn’t really think about what to do with it yet. I just put it in and I’m sure something will come to mind.

It was on my arm close to the wrist and I’m not sure what the dosage was. The installer is very experienced with both body mod and flex installs so hopefully he didn’t over inject me.

At what point should I be worried and what should I do in case that I reach that point?


To help speed up the recovery from the effects of Lido
Sports Drink (High in salts and minerals)
Massage the area ( Being careful not to aggravate the implant area)
Exercise (Blood Flow)

It’s probably lido with epi … that can take much longer to dissipate

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If that’s the case & IF IT WAS ME
I would be doing exercise ( “burning off” adrenaline )

Again, Not a doctor

Yeah could do I guess. I’d let it do its thing for as long as possible hah


Gotcha thank you all for the help. I don’t mean to gush but can I also just say this is literally the best community/forum I’ve ever seen.

Here are the install videos.


I watched the videos, and unsurprisingly, Amal predicted it, due to the lack of bleeding, I would agree epinephrine was also used.


Just like to add that above a flex install, some loss of sensation can remain for quite some time… had that both with my flexie and my silicone implant, it took weeks or maybe even months until the skin above the implants was as sensible as before. Just so you don’t worry too much :wink:


My 35mm VivoKey prototype took years.


Normally takes around 2-4 hours to wear off.

Amal is right in that if it combined with adrenaline then it takes longer. The reason being that the adrenaline causes localised vasoconstriction to minimise bleeding. The drug however stays infiltrated within the tissue for longer precisely for this reason as there is a decreased blood supply to absorb and transport the drug to the liver where it is broken down.

There are case reports of its effects lasting days. Any longer though and your looking at nerve damage and not the effect of the local anaesthetic.

FYI for dosing, max dose is 1mg / kg up to a max of 200mg or 500mg with adrenaline.


Gotcha, thank you. Fortunately, I regained feeling earlier today.

Weeks, months, and years? that’s wild.

I think they are now talking about a different kind of loss of sensation, With my flexMT I regained feeling from the lidocaine by the end of the day, but it’s definitely an altered sensation compared to other parts of my arm.