First implant done!

I got my first implant, a NExT installed last Saturday the 24th by an install partner near Seattle. This was after re-discovering dangerous things about a month ago when researching access control systems for pets and getting curious if they gone very far with humans. It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. There was the initial pain of puncturing the skin then a mild stinging pain while the needle was still in/being positioned.

First thing I did after I got it was play around with the NFC side on my iPhone. I was surprised how easy the reads are, even with the swelling, once I figured out the nfc antenna is along the top edge of the phone. Now it will reliably launch YouTube with a rick roll :rofl: and if you use a NFC app, see other records (contact/business card/etc) on it pertaining to me.

I am planning on getting the Ultraloq UL1 as my next investment so I can do something practical with it. If I still had an office to go to, I’d be cloning my work badge onto it hopefully, but that’ll have to wait until Covid is not such a thing.

Further down the line I want to do a full home integration of it including my car, but am still figuring out all the pieces I’ll need to pull it off. I’m a software engineer by trade, so the possibilities of what I can do with it if I set my mind to it are fairly endless and this has me excited.

I’m debating on what I should get next. I am considering the spark 2, but the VivoKey flex in beta has me intrigued. I just want to see the iOS project get wrapped up first and play around with the auth API a bit before I make the investment.


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Benvingut :partying_face:

A xSIID for the other hand?

I don’t see the benefit, I already have an NFC chip, I am more for functionality over neat tricks. I was thinking more along the lines of a cryptographic chip or flex implant when it’s not in beta anymore. I like the vivokey, I just want to see the iOS project get released before I commit to one. But a bio magnet has me a little intrigued, not gonna lie.

For sensing or lifting purposes? If its sensing, unfortunately most existing sensing magnets have flaws and break down over time except the new DT Titan magnet, the campaign for which has ended :cry:.

Still, the xG3 lifting magnet could be perfect for what you want?

I was more interested in sensing. I can wait for it’s wider release, assuming DT is going to release it publicly at some point and not just part of the campaign.

From what I understand, if a second batch / run is possible then there will be one. Unfortunately, due to costs / tooling / small scale production there is a chance that even if the first batch is a success, there will never be another run.

Long story short, I believe DT is not going to limit it artificially (like many other limited edition items) instead it is down to whether it is possible / profitable

although if you want to risk it, Steve Haworth still sells silicone sensing magnets that people have said work well. although his implants where the first ones to start to cause real issues with V1 back in early 2010s so proceed at your own risk.

It might be a matter of luck, but I know someone who has a Haworth magnet since 2007, and it’s still working fine. Heard of others where they stopped working after some years, and I have no clue on what that depends, but at least they can last long.
For me personally, this was a bit too uncertain, so I decided to get a Titan - but since the campaign is over, I think if you really want a sensing magnet, the Haworth ones might be worth a try, yes.

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