First implant - how to test it before?

On friday I’m gonna implant my first chip (by a professional, not DIYing), a NeXT that just arrived this morning (whoohoo!).
I tried reading the NFC with my phone (a MI9T Pro), but I can’t read or write in any direction or distance. By trying the NFC function of the phone with the test card and the keychain I got a light.
Can I open the main plastic bag (not the paper one with the syringe inside) for trying a little closer? Is it normal? How can I be sure that it works before getting inserted in my hand?
Thank you in advance.

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My professional installer would not do it if the sterile bag had already been opened.

You could, but I doubt it will help. also,

makes a good point. Don’t break sterility.

Phones are generally not good enough to read through the needle.

yep, not many people read it before installation.

Uhhh… Faith. Or a better reader. I think it is like the ACU22 or something. I don’t have one personally.

Lifetime warranty though. I doubt it would be bricked already.

Thank you! :smiley:
I believe I read some time ago of a guy that read his before insertion and therefore I thought that was normal to do before.
Thank you again!

From what I’ve gathered, it’s not easy to test the high frequency side while in the syringe, but it may be possible to get a read from the low frequency side if you have the equipment (like a Proxmark).

from this thread

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TBH, I did a forum search but I did not found anything relevant. Wrong keywords probably. Sorry!

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I thought that DT tested every implant before packaging.
At least that’s the case for flexes.

You can read the LF part with the chip still in the syringe.

The HF part can be read with a long-range reader - sometimes :slight_smile:

No problemos, sorry if that came off as angry :sweat_smile:

My installer used his own needle, which requires removing the chip from the syringe and allowed us to scan the chip alone prior to insertion, so it may also slightly depend on your installer