Spark 2 readable while still in packaging (not implanted)?

So here’s my current plan, which I really just need a sanity check for. I have no implants so far, but my mother has a cochlear implant and I’m keen to join her in the cyborg club (obviously not the only reason).

  • Buy Ultron bundle today (NExT and Spark 2), but don’t implant anything yet.
  • When it arrives (I’m in New Zealand) use Spark 2 to set up VivoKey account while still in packaging, to gain access to VivoKey forums and get any potential Sparky benefits which Amal mentioned.
  • Buy the Apex product that suits me and my usecase the most once it’s released.
  • Find someone to implant everything into me, at worst travel to find someone or learn to do it myself (yikes on the Apex though).
  • Implant NExT and Apex, possibly implant Spark 2 into leg as a backup for the Apex.

Will I actually be able to use my Spark 2 in that way while it’s still in the original packaging?

Apologies in advance for any misunderstanding on my part, and thanks in advance for any help. :smile:

Welcome to the forum!

The short answer is no, you will not be able to read it in the injector.

This has been discussed several times on the forum before, I would recommend having a bit more of a read then asking clarifying questions if you cant find anything :wink: anyway to answer your question in more detail:

It is possible to sometimes read the 125 kHz LF tags inside the injector due to the magnetic coupling but with the HF chips like the spark you will have no luck. The implant is actually stored in the needle which acts as a Faraday cage essentially. The skin effect also comes in to play.

@Pilgrimsmaster as well as a few others live in NZ they might have some local advice. This thread is fun, has locations of quite a few forum members around the globe.

In regards to self install, the large flex chips would be challenging, there are some who have done it on here but it limits install location for instance good luck putting it on your dominant side. The X series however is more commonly self implanted this video is a popular guide from SparkFun.


Mate, whereabouts in NZ are you?

Don’t worry about rushing to get onto the Vivokey forum,currently it is pretty quiet, and it will be an easy catch-up when you get your spark and /or Apex in you.


Thanks a bunch for the info, @leumas95.
My bad for not searching a little harder for this info before posting. I’ll take your advice and have a bit more of a read around, then come back to this topic for some clarification if necessary.

As for local advice from other NZers, I’m currently in the Auckland region so any info relevant to that area would be greatly appreciated.

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Nice, lived in Onehunga myself for 6 years. In the USA currently. And @Pilgrimsmasteris is definitely a good contact in Auckland.


There is one Partner on the map, I think she travels between Whangarei and Whakatane?
Lou Croule
Piercings By Croule
+64 09 430 3317
Luleen Moule
$80 per implant

I went to an installer in Auck CBD, and gave them all the info, but never needed to go back. :flushed: Ink-on tattoo

My mate does mine, he watched a bunch of videos and read through the information, and did a great job.

Do you have a specific use for the NExT yet?


Awesome, didn’t expect it to be that easy + cheap! But that basically describes my thoughts on this whole thing so far.

I really appreciate the help, and no I don’t have a specific use for the NExT yet. Honestly I’m getting it more due to the fact that it comes bundled with the Spark 2 and a bunch of useful accessories.
I’m a programmer and pretty involved with tech so I figure I’ll find a use for it pretty quickly.
Although, given the option, I would definitely go for an xEM + xM1 combo over the NExT.

Did you see that mentioned on the forum or was that something you just thought of?

If you feel up to it, it would be great for you to make a post under the project heading and document the process I’m sure plenty of people would love to see that. Everyone is pretty excited about the Apex.

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Was doing some thinking about which implants would make the best combo and cover the widest range of usecases using the smallest amount of hand real estate, did some searching and found that specific combo mentioned. I’m two days in and already wondering what Amal’s favourite chocolate flavours are for bribery, can’t imagine what it’s like for you guys that’ve been around here for years.

Yeah for sure, I’ll probably wait until I can get hands-on with it though. Or, hands-around in this case.


I absolutely agree.
As do these people in this survey

Yes indeed you did, I have dropped that exact hint all over the forum.
I think??? it is still on the cards, just low down on the priority list

You obviously did not provide enough glow powder. Glow powder seems to be the currency of “sneaky genies :genie::stuck_out_tongue:

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Indeed, pushed further down list.

But in fairness, MY VIEW OF IT IS
the xEM + xM1 should be easily doable it just needs time for it to be manufactured , but Amal is still in the R&D phase with the “xGLO safer things” product with equipment he has available at hand… and he is getting to tinker with something NEW and interesting, so I get it.

Originally I wanted that but the new flexEM next to a xM1 is the new plan.

What about a FlexEM next to a FlexM1???

I may get a flexM1 but I’m planning on putting the flexEm on the flat area back towards the wrist next/behind L0 and I don’t want to waste L0 so xM1 seems like a good fit.

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There’s a flexM1?

NOT Yet!!!
But it is coming
There will be 2 versions
FlexM1gen1a and FlexM1gen2

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