First implant, looking for project ideas

So I have sucessfully installed my first implant, an xNT in my left hand. It’s been in for a day, is starting to heal nicely and I’ve been able to read/write with little issue. (I say ‘little’ because my phone doesn’t always couple well, I’m hoping it’ll improve because there’s still some swelling.)

I’m wondering what project ideas people have to share. So far I’ve got my phone unlocking for it (and I’m working on having it take pictures if you log in via password). Next I’m planning to install an arduino door lock, a challenge since I can’t replace the deadbolt (I rent.) Also I’m hoping to be able to unlock my car, but that’ll take time to research.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I have enough arduino/electronics/programming experience to be dangerous, but not much mechanical.

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Computer login?

Home automation personalizations tied to door lock - when you walk in, HA verbally welcomes you, gives you a rundown of security events (5 new events on motion cameras), any personal notes left for you by others occupying the home, etc. etc. etc.

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I like the home automation idea, I’ll start brainstorming what might make sense for my place.

I am planning on being able to unlock my computers, forgot that one. ACR122U is the go-to, right?

Also, I’m new to rfid with arduino, is there a shield known to work well with the xNT?

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Awesome. The ACR122U is pretty widely supported, so it’s a safe bet. For arduino, the PN532 board works ok, but the NFC Shield has better performance with the xNT.