First Implant Report: Mostly positive but questions

Had a NExT jammed into me for my birthday last week. Been wanting one for a while, and opportunity knocked, so I answered. Installed by a very experienced biohacker. Pain barely registered, not much soreness afterward, and healed up nicely. 10/10 would jab again.

Background: No stranger to RFID. Cloned HID Prox to many different media, comfortable cloning hotel keys, etc.

Reason I chose the NExT is that I was hoping I could use the T5577 component to ditch this pesky RFID ring, which I got to replace the pesky fob, which I got to replace the pesky card issued by work. I have a friend with one and I helped clone his apartment key to his.

So far my PM3 can write it and read it (with the standard antenna, didn’t even need the coil antenna), it reads identically as my ring/fob/card, but none of the door readers seem to be able to detect it. Is it in too deep? I’ve tried different angles. Do I need to wait until it “settles” or heals internally? It’s in the usual place between thumb and forefinger. I have a couple extra readers in the lab I could wire up for further testing… Love to hear others’ experiences/suggestions.

Are you using a pm3 easy?
If that can read and write to it, that’s a pretty good sign

It’s probably just presentation or field strength of the wall mounted reader

Took me a while to get mine to read at work but once I know how it likes me to present I’m golden

What type of card are you trying to clone?

Have you verified that a clone is successful?

What I did was clone it the exact same way to my implant AND an new iso card… if the new iso card works you know it will accept the clone

Id it doesn’t you know there’s something wrong with the clone attempt

If it takes the iso then it comes down to presentation and range


I think you may have to wait another week or so.

I had a Next installed 11 days ago in R0. I can read the HF side 90% of the time on the first attempt now. I still cannot get a read on the LF side and the PM3 reports it as noise.

My last Next took about two weeks to heal properly and consistently be able to be read.

It may not look swollen but it will be.


Congrats on getting the NExT!


Have you tried the field detector keychain on the door readers to get a good sense of location and rotational orientation you should be presenting your implant to the reader with?


I’m using a PM3 RDV4.

This is what I vaguely suspected and am reassured to hear.

I will be patient.

Waiting is.

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Yeah, one more week.

Eriequiets suggestion to do an identical clone and test both at the same time is a good idea.
I sounds like you know what you are doing, but one thing you may not be used to dealing with is, the small form factor and the reduced range that comes with it.

Amals suggestion with the xFD :xfd: will help you find the reader antenna and best orientation

Check out this post that may give you some suggestions that could help.

An update: Working as expected as of about a week ago. Glad there was a place to ask this question and glad I got quick answers.