First implant xsiid

Heeeeeeeey !!! I’M A cyborg now !!! Just got my first implant today !!! I’m the 3th person in Québec to have one !!! Oh yeah !!!



What color Blinky did you get?

It can take a week or 2 for color to be visible, before you get nervous :sunglasses:, so don’t worry about it if it doesn’t shine right away

…that you know of…


Oh yeah !!! I pick the Green one and I tested it and work great !!! The led is working to !!! Thats so awsome !!! Can’t wait to order a New one for my doorlock !!! I Will need the package deal for all the accessories… the Proxmark3 easy and the dangerous KBR1 RFID reader !!!

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Yeah !!! I dont know how many People in Québec have one … i’ve check the Last 3 mount and i just find 2 other People… i’ts seems that People here dont talk about it … its so sad … I had to make my own expérience to see what its look like !!! NO FEAR !!! Ha ha ha !!!

With an xSIID I would probably recommend against getting a Proxmark3. It’s super fun to mess around with, but you can do pretty much everything you need with just an Android or even iOS phone. If you get something like the xM1 or NExT, definitely grab a Proxmark! But with just a xSIID I would recommend putting that money towards a door lock, easyguard, more implants, etc unless you’re ok spending the money and not getting a ton of use ot of it with your implant of course. I believe the Proxmark3 easy from DT comes with T5577 and magic Mifare Classic 1K cards though, so you’ll definitely still be able to get some use out of it if you decide to get one :wink:

Definitely grab the KBR1 though! I use mine with my xSIID and it’s pretty awesome. Honestly I still haven’t gotten over how cool it is that my hand lights up!

Oh, also, welcome to the club!


its seems that you live in quebec can i know were you got implanted ? I have difficulties to find some (i also live here)

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Heeeeeey !!! What up ??? Its one of my friend in beauharnois !!! He make some body modification and tattoo and percing !!! I ask him because i did not find anyone around here … he make the installation yesterday and from now its already heal !!! Where a you exactly ??? Go on YouTube and check : Je lui pose une puce Rfid … M’ART TATTOO !!! if you want more info tell me !!!

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thanks !!! its nice to know that im not the only one that speak french and live in quebec on this forum!!

Heeeey !!! Sartin !!! Tu es de quel coin ??? Tu as fait installer quand ??? Je pense pas qu’on soit beaucoup au Québec à être des robot !!! Vraiment niiiice de trouver quelqu’un d’ici !!!