First implants done! NExT and xG3 v2

Hi friends,

I finally took the plunge and had my first two implants installed! After browsing this forum for the last few weeks, I decided that the Xmas gift to myself was going to be a green xSIID, NExT, and an xG3 v2! I couldn’t decide, so I went for all three lol. My wife was not super pleased haha.

Fortunately a friend is a former nurse, and was willing to perform the installs. I’m planning to implant the xSIID myself once the first two are healed.

I’m a rather wimpy guy, but the installs were surprisingly not that bad. Obviously the xG3 was easily the most painful :sweat_smile:. My friend said it’s the biggest needle he has injected into someone besides one used to inject into a heart for adrenaline :flushed::yum:.

36 hours after install I couldn’t help but play with the magnet a bit at the bar on NYE :joy:, hence the drunken blurry pic. It was a good time.

Cheers and happy New Year to the biohacking community!