First in America?

So I got my chip and immediately saw a financial opportunity. Am I the first to get an implant, then implement that technology into my photography business? I had a huge project where 2 million people would cycle through my artwork but I am scared about the security of the NFC chip. This is a free project with a lot of exposure…

  1. First photography with chip and NFC implementing in work?

  2. Is there an uncrackable chip recommendation? It’s the most famous bar in Nashville…

I think you need to elaborate bit more on how you plan to integrate NFC with photography.

You will not be able to store large photo files on the NFC chip.
If you are using the chip to pass a URL then the security comes down to the website, not the chip.
Chips that cannot be “hacked” would be

Again, I think we need a big more information on how you plan to incorporate NFC in your photo business to point you in the right direction.


I need to have a website on a chip, sticker etc. I used an x215 sticker for personal use, but I need a commercial use chip I can just lock up with a website in high traffic areas. Also are any of these chips available in non implant form for a price savings? It needs to be extremely cost effective because putting an implant on there just kills my overhead (Would probably work for this specific job).

Also what’s the cheapest chip no one can mess with for this purpose…

And my worst fear is that some asshole is going to put child pornography on the chip and having the bar get sued over a free piece of artwork…

And my worst fear is that some asshole is going to put child pornography on the chip and having the bar get sued over a free piece of artwork…

I will admit that my knowledge in the subject is limited however if I am not mistaken, you should be able to use something like an NTAG216 to write the web address too and then lock it to read only after. Don’t quote me.


Well if someone has the knowledge, I have a x215 that locks but I know tech nerds love hacking things like that at a bar… or even a budget alternative chip on this site. I need 100% certainty with an insurance policy :rofl::joy::rofl:. They want to be the first bar in Nashvegas to have it. Tootsies, they have a NASCAR car, big money, big production.

If you have a spare I would write the web address to the tag and then with NFC tools, lock the tag once you verify that it is working as you wish. After that try to crack it :man_shrugging:t5:

I don’t have any spare tags laying around otherwise I would do it for you. I’ve honestly never locked one before.

You can write protect 21x style chips, they would work for you



  • Stickers (you could print art work on )
  • Cards (you could print art work on and use them as business cards)
  • Fobs
  • RFID poker chips, you could also use as a business card (I have one I was given)
  • You could embed them in a 3D print of a Nascar etc.
  • Animal Tags (Make sure you get an HF one, and be aware the read range will be limited )

One word of advice. Since you are locking the tags, I would consider using a URL shortener that you can control the target of. That way you write the short URL to the NFC tag and you can repoint it anywhere you want at any time and you don’t have to change the content of the NFC tag.


I use a NeXT for my photography business, it has my linktree which leads to all my socials and websites/portfolios

When i get a print done i add a cheap NFC sticker to it and add a cool gimmick for it like a link to the RAW or something

Kinda like a physical NFT, just lock the tag with a nice uncommon password and youre good to go