(First post) Ordered my first chip!

Hi all, I’m Hunter, and I just ordered a NExT as my first chip the other day. I’ve been a casual enthusiast in tinkering, programming and biohacking, and decided that it was time to jump in with getting an implant! Plan is to use the nfc as an electronic business card and the rfid be used in other diy projects I’m planning, especially once I’m moved down to KY and have more area available to me. Not much you can do in a two bedroom apartment in the city with a very restrictive lease agreement… Anyhow looking forward to getting the chip and appearing around on the forum more! Nice to meet 'yall!


Welcome, I’ll have to update my “one of us” gif collection…

I feel you, I’ve been traveling a lot, moved to another country and might end up moving again, etc… I kinda wish to get a house in a stable place and go all out with the access control and home automation.


It’s arrived! Now I just need to find someone to install it. Not sure if there’s any shops around my area (SW MI) that offers the implants as a service, but I got the documents printed and worst case, I know there’s a place In Lansing that made local headlines for offering the service back in 2022. I’ll make a few hour drive if I have to to get it installed by a pro. Most I’m comfortable with doing myself is a lobe piercing.


Yeah, looks like closest one on the map is in Lafayette Indiana. Probably will have to ask around. I’ll cross my fingers for ya, hope you can find someone quickly.
Also, go Red Wings! Lol

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Pretty sure that’s @darthdomo country.

Pirate is his guy, and he is one of those installers whose name you hear frequently and he comes highly reccomended


Yep, Pirate is in West Lafayette Indiana, at Revolution Tattoo & Body Modification, might be closer than Lansing depending where in Michigan you’re at.

He’s very good, and prices are about the best you’ll find. If you end up going with him, I would just email him at the email he has listed on the installer map.


Look up hive tattoo in flint, ask for Thomas


Looked it up, from where I’m at Lafayette is actually double the distance on Gmaps compared to Lansing. Gonna try to ask a local shop about it over the weekend. If it can be done this weekend, great! if not, I can always make a road trip.

Check with Dan at Mothra tattoo in wyandotte. It’s SE Michigan but he’s a good guy.


Brailey at Pain For Sale in Grand Rapids Michigan did my Apex, I’m sure they would do a great job with your NExT. Probably going to be the closest installer too you. :slight_smile: @Lambda_BM

Welcome! Let us know when you’ve chromed the f*** up~

Hoping to soon, it’s looking like my best bet will be the place up in Grand Rapids that @packetauditor recommended above. I do I have money for it this weekend, looks like I’ll be buying bus tickets and headed up for the day