First recorded breakage of an x-series transponder

When I watched the video, I didn’t see it how you did, I thought it was a light hearted, tongue in cheek with a touch of “trying it on”

But I can see what you are saying, especially with the screenshots.
Those alone change the context, but with the Audio, I still see it as a cheeky bit of fun telling a story.


I see both sides.

Not knowing the context that @tac0s provided that they were already in talks it was a little cheeky. and it did seem like she was calling DT out.

But knowing that she already went through the channels and came to a resolution before she posted the video and the way she made it seem like she hadnt does seem disengenous to her audience. So i get why you get the ick when watching it.

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Considering all the bullshit out there about microchips I’ve really become completely desensitized to “negative press” about DT and others. Any news is good news. Regardless of her intentions I really don’t see any reason for the vitriol. We already have enough rabid DT fans out there, I’d love to see that behavior cut back a bit. It makes us sound like a cult and no one will trust our valid opinions and criticisms.


@tac0s had some conversation with her prior to her post so she was already expecting some sort of exchange, which is what prompted her choice of words in the video. I also think @hadoukenboy628 is just being very passionate in jumping to DT’s defense, which is appreciated… but our goal is always to make happy cyborgs.

For the most part, we will side with the customer on returns or warranty issues even if their attitudes are less than great. Often times, once we engage with the customer, things calm down significantly. I think this is because people feel the need to come in hot because so many companies leave people out to dry, ignore support requests, etc. and so people feel the need to start blastin right out of the gate.


Thanks @hadoukenboy628 for your support! But, if things turn sour with a customer, we are more than capable of telling people off ourselves :slight_smile:


This is her hand within five minutes of the incident.


Oh I wasn’t telling anyone off. I was just casting a misconceived opinion of how it came across generally. I’ve got no problem eating my humble pie.

Edit: 12/07
There wasn’t any vitriol there was just a sharing of opinion. But I retract the humble pie since she claims that the warranty replacement was only agreed last night. So fact she was trying to appear disingenuous so I shouldn’t catch flack for how I perceived it.


How are they appearing disingenuous? They’re not making any claims in the video, they’re not trying to lie or cheat their way to a new implant. They’re not misrepresenting what happened to their hand. They’re not making any claims that they spoke to DT about this.

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In her comments section she made reference. Anyway im not continuing the issue as it seems pointless and waste of time.

I offered to replace it BEFORE that video was made. As I said initially. As I encouraged anyone to check and even provided instructions on how to find it.

The proper way to eat humble pie, in case you were wondering, is to apologize without trying to save face by offering excuses.

Can we be done with this now?

Edited to clarify: It took her days to open the ticket. You can see the offer was made before then,


Lol none of this matters why is there drama.


Just proves that Cyborgs are still human after all :grin:




Absolutely incredible, I think managing to actually have it break is an accomplishment in and of itself


I had my third implant, a NExT, installed almost two weeks ago. (I’ve been meaning to post about it, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.) The owner of the body shop was doing the install for me, and he called over one of his employees to show off the tech and the install procedure. Among the things I told the mystified employee was “as long as your hand is ok, the implant is ok” regarding the durability.

Well, guess there are always exceptions. Yikes!


I have to say that I was a bit suspicious when there was never a case of one having broken. If there is no known failure mode then either there haven’t been enough of them installed for long enough to find out what the failure mode is, or someone is covering it up (Bill Gates == #1 suspect always). Knowing that an animal the size of a 4 door sedan can do it under specific circumstances actually makes me feel better about having one implanted, since I can’t stand any animal larger than me that can’t do algebra[1] and thus will not be around them.

[1] If a non-human animal can do math I will give it a pass because that is pretty exceptional.

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well… i mean… this look ok to you?


haha :slight_smile: