First Self-Implant thoughts

Hi Everyone,

Last Friday I did my first self-implant on my left hand. And I want to share the experience with you guys.

First, the skin is harder, thicker, than I first thought. It needed much more strength to insert the needle than I was expecting. And I ended up forcing too much and I blew up a vein. It bleeds a little bit more than I expect, also… But, as soon as I made some pressure on the wound It stoped.

Second, If someone can help up or have assistance from someone with experience it’s better. Not because you can hurt yourself. It’s really no big deal. It’s just a small hole and really doesn’t hurt that much. And after the needle is inside your skin you don’t feel any pain at all (I hit a vein, so it hurt a little bit and it was a little painful). The main problem here is that you can do the same as I did and insert the implant wrong. Like, It is 90 degrees as it should be. I inserted almost all the needle but didn’t pull off a little before inserting the chip, so it entered in the wrong position (at the end its not that bad).

Third, I cleaned the room and followed all the procedures to no get infected in any way. An after 2 days, its almost closed, with no bruiser, no swollen, no nothing. It just healed fine.

Fourth, I will insert the 3 more that I have bought and ordered an xG3 and an xM1+ soon. But, I will not insert it on my own. I just did now because I am under quarantine because of Corona Virus.

Fifth, If you want to insert it on your own. It’s really no big deal, it will heal even if you mess it up as I did, it doesn’t hurt proportionally the size of the needle (hurt way less than it lol). The only concern is inserting it in the right position in order to place more chips in the future and maybe doesn’t look so bloody as I did. Or, if you are really unlucky, maybe hit the muscle or a nerve.

Last, I am really thankful for everyone here and I am very proud of being a part of it. Thanks for you all. I can post pictures as it is now or as it is daily until its completely closed and healed. I will not post the video because for those who are not decided yet it can look extremely painful and (as I hit a vein) much more bloody than It should be, and it ain’t.

I am not an English native speaker, sorry about the typos.

I know I said there were no swollen and no bruises. At the time I wrote it wasn’t and bellow a daily follow up:

-Friday, a swollen before bed-time, no bruises
-Saturday, just a little swollen and no bruises
-Sunday, almost no swollen and no bruises
-Monday, no swollen, no bruises
-Monday night, no swollen a small bruises
-Tuesday, no swollen almost no bruise and the needle entry point is almost completely healed


Your writing is very good

I do agree that doing by self isn’t that hard. I did it once because I was very confident and it seemed easy, and also not being able to find a professional. But I would recommend if you are able to find a professional and it is affordable to go with that route.


I think so too… I only do it on my own because of the coronavirus quarantine. I am planning to insert another one on my right hand but I am studying how to not hitting a vein again or misplace it.