First Time Buy Shipping Question

I’ve recently purchased an NEXT, on the 27th, and haven’t received any confirmation of shipment or anything like that, just an invoice. Does anyone know what they do for this? Is there any tracking info given? This is my first purchase so I’m not sure.

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It’s hard to say exactly, especially around the holiday season. :christmas_tree: :partying_face:
As of 3 days ago, Dangerous Things were still working through some backlog from the Cyborg Monday sale and Christmas break… but they were getting caught up.

However, outside of the holiday and sale period as an example, my last couple of orders, went something like this…

  1. Order and instant Receipt
  2. Next Day Invoice
  3. a few days later Order complete email with a Tracking Number
  4. goods arrived a couple of days later.

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Hi Beefboss,

We are delayed by 3 days in shipping out orders; we had delays in receiving certain components essential across most of our products due to the holidays.

That being said, we did receive the item necessary to complete your order yesterday at 3pm, so we will be able to send your order out tomorrow. Stay tuned for a confirmation and tracking info via email.


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Thank you for the fast response from both of you! I’m very excited and can’t wait to join the community of implanted!