First time feeling an EM field with a fingertip magnet

So I finally got around to getting my Titan in, and after a period of healing (and a stubborn feeling of a hard spot near the incision - not the magnet), I’ve got pretty normal feeling again in the finger.

Well, I’ve been hunting for sensation from it like I get from another magnet but hadn’t found it so far. My regular work laptop and personal unit I haven’t been able to find the fan. Today I finally found one - I have a second work laptop (Mac vs PC), and under a specific spot on the keyboard I’ve definitely found the fan. Even holding my finger above the keyboard, I can feel the magnet vibrate in response to the fan turning.

Gotta say it’s a pretty exciting feeling. How about you all?


I have my magnets for several years so I usually forget about them. There are 2 of them, in 2 fingertips of the left hand.

I’m however still surprised when they react to a magnetic field, like a magnet or speaker in a laptop or smartphone. Or like this morning by the anti-theft system of a shop. :blush:

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Hah, I can’t wait to end up going through the anti-theft system, lol. It’s funny because it almost feels like an itch. I have to stop and process what it was.

I like sensing where inside an enclosure the AC-DC adapter is, and roughly how much power it’s drawing. I design electronics so I can determine a whole lot about the internal layout and design of something by gleaning small details like that


Ooooh, that’s awesome.

Aaaand I just found out where my laptop’s lid sensor is, lmao. “Why did the screen go black? Oh, riiiiiiight!”