First time using Proxmark3.... Help

I get this message every time I try to get the Iceman firmware from Github. It cannot find it. Help is appreciated. Thank you.

Did you download the latest release of ProxSpace?

I ask because the top of your screenshot shows v3.5, but the latest release is v3.10

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I went to the spot on github it said too… I thought. Good point. I will go back to that. Thank you.

Also, what guide are you following?
and what OS?

Windows 11. The guide that given when you order the NeXt and Proxmark kit.

I found the right download. Unzipping now.

it’s a great guide very thorough.

I did blatantly rip off Amals guide to make a thinned out version, if you want to give that a go

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Nice! Appreciate ya!

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I got it set up. Thank you! Now I have to dig into the different frequencies and how to officially read RFID/NFC. I have a Walletmor in my hand already but nothing else. I’m very new to this. My plan is a front door RFID transponder and a Crypto NFC wallet.



Check out the step by step guide and make sure you didn’t skip setting up the environment you’ll need. I followed the steps while the video played a few times and was able to get it going by following directions exactly.

If you’re interested on what’s under the hood:

“git command not found” is a Linux way of saying it has looked through all of your possible binary folders as set in your PATH environment variable for something named git, and it got nothing after searching each. /bin;/usr/bin etc…

If the rest of your Linux environment is good, you can do a “sudo apt-get install git” but I think the guide explicitly tells you to download a particular release.


I checked it out. I got everything up and ready. I had a brain fart for a bit. Thank you though.

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I really appreciate the detailed breakdown my friend. I am tech savvy but no that far yet. I am enrolled at BYU Idaho online for a Bachelors in Applied Technology so any knowledge helps… Much appreciated!

I got the reader up and running. I was able to test the Walletmor in my hand and see the 1 volt change when it was in range. Pretty cool! Do you know of a detailed guide to set the NFC side up as a crypto wallet?


Hopefully these are something that will help

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Awesome. One last question. Do you know much about the Walletmor? I bought that before I even knew about this website. Well I am have not been able to get it to work at any tap to pay. It seems like it screws up the system even. I have had it happen 3 times where I try to use my implant, it doesn’t work, I then use my debit card, the system wigs out and wont even take my debit card… Is there anything I can do to fix this? I know it’s reading because my Proxmark3 showed the voltage change. Do I have to contact Walletmor or can I check it myself with my equipment I have now? I am in America is that means anything. I know Walletmor is European. Thank you.


I have just added you to a closed Walletmor user group, you should find some good info in there.